The increasing demand for refrigerators has made the manufacturers focus on more feature-packed and easy-to-use models. Enter the portable refrigerators. The best portable refrigerators in India are available at different price ranges. These fridges can be carried out anywhere easily and offer excellent cooling features. Ideal for storing beverages, food items, and makeup items, these refrigerators can be used at home, in cars or on trips.

You can save a lot of electricity, cost and space by using portable refrigerators. However, the heavy demand has given rise to a lot of products in the same segment, and that can leave the users confused when looking for the best option. But, with us, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we will discuss the five best portable refrigerators in India. So, let’s begin.

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Best Portable Refrigerators In India

Here, have a look at the best portable refrigerators in India, ranging from low to high prices.

1. Tropicool PC05W PC-05

Tropicool PC05W PC-05: best portable refrigerators

The Tropicool PC05W PC-05 is the first name on our list of the best portable refrigerators in India. This refrigerator is small in size but is highly efficient when it comes to cooling. The compact size makes this refrigerator to be placed easily in cars, gyms, homes or on office tables. The refrigerator can also be used as a warmer and hence features two modes: hot and cool. Furthermore, there is no refrigerant or compressor used with this refrigerator, thus making it maintenance-free. You can store medicines, insulin, dairy products, makeup items, beverages, baby food etc., in this portable refrigerator. All you need is to pre-cool the refrigerator before storing things in it.

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2. Fabater Mini Portable Personal Cooler Fridge

Fabater Mini Portable Personal Cooler Fridge

This two-in-one product by Fabater can be used as both refrigerator and a warmer, depending upon the mode you have switched to. Being light in weight and compact in size, you can carry this refrigerator around a lot more conveniently. This mini refrigerator features a single door and three detachable shelves. The refrigerator operates with very low noise and can help save a lot of energy. Furthermore, you can store medications, makeup items, food, drinks, fruits and more in this refrigerator. Suitable for cars, kitchens, travelling, homes, offices etc., this refrigerator by Fabater can fit anywhere easily.

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Next up, we have the Black + Decker on our list of the best portable refrigerators in India. This refrigerator can be used both at home and in vehicles and is used to store beverages. Used s both cooler and warmer, this refrigerator by Black + Decker is your ideal choice to enjoy your favourite beverages wherever you go. The refrigerator can easily be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter socket and is ready to use. Additionally, this portable refrigerator is designed in a way that makes it shockproof. Furthermore, you get three zippered pockets with this refrigerator that can be used to carry adapters and sockets. The 24L capacity makes this refrigerator ideal for storing beverages and packed food items.

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4. ElectroSky Mini Refrigerator

ElectroSky Mini Refrigerator

The ElectroSky mini refrigerator can help you store food and beverages on the go. Used as both warmer and cooler, this refrigerator is your ideal companion for home, office, car, travelling, etc. The refrigerator is light in weight and is highly portable. It can be used to store milk, beverages, food items, cosmetics, etc. The refrigerator comes with a shoulder strap which makes carrying it easier. The connection of this refrigerator can be done through the car’s internal cigarette lighter. The only point to keep in mind here is that you can’t switch between the cool and hot modes that frequently.

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5. PARCO Portable Automotive Car Fridge

PARCO Portable Automotive Car Fridge

Lastly, we have the Parco mini refrigerator on our list of the best portable refrigerators in India. The refrigerator can be used as both warmer and cooler and is great for travelling purposes. You can store beverages, medication, food items and more in this refrigerator. The refrigerator features an LED display that can be used to set temperature in dark areas. Operating this refrigerator is quite easy. All you need is to connect it with your car’s cigarette lighter. The refrigerator makes very less noise when functioning.

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Best Portable Refrigerators in India: Final Thoughts

With that, we have reached the end of this article. Hopefully, this list will help you understand which are the best portable refrigerators in India. In case, you still are confused, take our words for the BLACK+DECKER BDC24L. This refrigerator is the best for its price. The portability feature makes the refrigerator even more desirable. However, if you are willing to spend a bit more, you can go for the Fabater Mini Portable Personal Cooler Fridge. This refrigerator takes up very little space and offers amazing cooling features.

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