Best Graphics Android Games of 2020

- Updated: 30th Dec 2020, 09:46 IST

Graphics are one of the most important elements for any game as that ensures the whole working interface and the popularity of the game. However, there are a few games that are only available for PC and laptops as the graphics used in them are way higher that a phone can never handle this much of load. Still, there are a few games that are available for android and can offer you some of the high-end graphics which you will surely like.

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Top Picks of Best Graphics Android Games

Here we have mentioned some of the top picks that will surely make your day, if you are extreme gamers and loves to play high graphic games:

  • Call of Duty Mobile – This is one of the expected mobile games and the main reason behind it is the popularity which is acquired by the game with their users. In a study, it is found that the graphics used in this game is the highest graphics that you may see in any game.  But, the only limitation with this game is that you can only experience the ultimate gaming only if you have a phone which has a high-end processor and supports the maximum graphics offered by the company.
  • Asphalt 9 Legends – This game is quite popular between gamers and the reason behind it is the graphics quality which they offer in this game. Even, Gameloft claims that the detailing offered in this game is unbeatable by any other game. The real experience of graphics for this game can only be experienced when your phone supports the maximum graphic settings of his game in which the performance of the game will also get boosted. Even if you have a low-end phone then you can experience good quality graphics with this game.
  • Elder Scrolls Blades – probably, you might have not heard about this game so commonly because this game is not very popular in the market but if we talk about the graphics, the quality offered is quite a high end. Another reason behind it is that the company used to make high-end games for PC and laptops but recently they have entered in the world of android games which is the main reason behind the not so popular image of this company. The overall interface of this game is based on the medieval period which gives you the ultimate experience of gaming.  There are different types of swords, weapons, monsters from which you can form different quests. However, this game is quite difficult to understand which piss off a lot of gamers. But once you get to know about this game then you will surely like this game.
  • Dead Trigger 2 – This is one of those games which is designed for zombie shooting lovers as the complete theme of this game is highly based on zombies in which the whole world is concurred by the zombies and you have to save yourself with the help of guns that are offered by the game to you. According to some of the users of this game, even if you don’t have the craze of zombie-based games, you will surely like it as the gameplay offered in this game is quite smooth.
  • PUBG Mobile – This is one of the highly popular games as the interface and gameplay offered by the company is amazing. Even, the interface offered in this game is the best interface offered in any other game whether we talk about the detailing of environment or the guns, you will get high-end graphics in all the segments of this game.

These are some of our top recommendations for the best graphics Android games that you must try.


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