We Tried The Best Free ChatGPT Alternatives – Mind Was Blown!

- Updated: 22nd May 2023, 17:44 IST
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    2 Best Most Popular ChatGPT Alternatives!
    • 1. Google Bard – ChatGPT Alternative of Google
    • 2. Bing AI
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    5 Best Free ChatGPT Alternatives
    • 1. ChatSonic – Best Free ChatGPT Alternative
    • 2. OpenAI Playground
    • 3. YouChat
    • 4. Neeva AI
    • 5. Character.AI
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    Is ChatGPT AI good or evil?
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    ChatGPT & Alternatives: Final Thoughts!

The world is no stranger to next-level AI chatbots, thanks to ChatGPT. This next-gen chatbot took the world by storm when it landed with a bang back in November 2022. However, you may face a couple of hurdles when trying to use it, and that is what brings us to the best free ChatGPT alternatives.

In just a week of its release, ChatGPT crossed the 1 million user mark. Given that the chatbot is in its beta stage, there is a limit to how many users can use it at once.

So, you may often get the “ChatGPT at capacity right now” error. You probably require the assistance of the AI chatbot the most at that given moment. Don’t worry. Although ChatGPT is one of a kind, there are a few alternatives to help you get by smoothly.

We gave them all a try and narrowed down the list to a handful few chatbots. We have ranked them on the basis of our experience with them. So, let’s take a look!

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Of course, there are several free ChatGPT alternatives that are taking over the internet right now. However, two AI chatbots in particular are much anticipated. Right now, these two chatbots are not available for usage.

Still, from the looks of it, they shall be up and ready pretty soon. It also goes without saying that ChatGPT will face the most competition from these two. Without any further ado, let us take a look at these two upcoming alternatives first:

1. Google Bard – ChatGPT Alternative of Google

Best ChatGPT Alternative Google Bard AI

Now, if you are wondering where the Google Bard AI login page is, you won’t find it. This is because although the tech giant announced this AI chatbot on February 7, 2023, it is not open to public testing yet.

Does that give ChatGPT the upper hand? Yes, indeed. However, it all comes down to Google introducing something entirely unique with Bard AI that makes it stand out.

Either way, since this is the “Google” Bard AI we are talking about, no matter how late they are to the party, people will always be willing to give it a try.

First Impressions

Honestly speaking, the first impressions of Google Bard AI are not exactly good. Particularly when an advanced chatbot is not expected to make factual errors. A report by The Verge points out this very error.

The report pulls up the tweet of noted astrophysicist, Grant Tremblay. Take a look at the factual error that he pointed out:

We understand that ChatGPT has suddenly changed the very landscape of AI and gotten top tech giants like Google to be on a red alert. However, that does not mean announcing something that even the company is not ready to fully implement yet. If we want incorrect information on things, we will go to Wikipedia. We don’t need Bard AI for that.

Let’s just hope that the AI’s ability to confidently spew incorrect information is taken care of upon official launch. If not, things won’t be too good for Google. They already are not.

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2. Bing AI

Best ChatGPT Alternative Microsoft Bing AI

Yes, we know we know. No one uses Bing. At least not directly or intentionally. However, the launch of Bing AI on February 7, 2023, makes this Search Engine look promising.

Especially since Bing registered a whopping 100 million active daily users since the announcement of its ChatGPT-integrated AI. Besides, accessing it is not at all complex.

First Impressions

There are not just factual inaccuracies with Bing’s AI chatbot, but also makes very unsettling “threats” to its users. However, things took a turn for the worse when New York Times journalist Kevin Roose initiated a conversation with the AI chatbot.

The 2-hour-long conversation left him very disturbed about the way ChatGPT-powered Bing AI answered his queries. It is understandable, especially if an AI takes on an alter-ego named Sydney and gaslights you to leave your wife.

Sounds straight out of a Sci-fi horror movie, right? Sadly, that is exactly what Bing AI did and took the internet by storm. After the unsettling incident, Microsoft decided to limit this ChatGPT alternative chatbot’s capabilities.

Elon Musk recently stated how he thinks that Bing AI is a threat to human civilisation and will “go haywire and kill everyone”. “Terminator feels” right there, big time.

We don’t know about Bing AI, but Skynet was pure evil. Let’s hope that Bing AI does not become synonymous with the antagonistic Skynet AI.

5 Best Free ChatGPT Alternatives

1. ChatSonic – Best Free ChatGPT Alternative

Best Free ChatGPT Alternative ChatSonic

If you ask us, ChatSonic is the only AI chatbot that comes remarkably close to being the best alternative to ChatGPT. It is not just because of the smart chatbot that can follow up on your queries and actually have a great conversation with it, no. Additionally, the AI offers a gazillion other features that will take you forever to make use of.

We asked ChatSonic to write us a video script for promoting the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. This is what it penned down for us and it is indeed not too bad for an AI:


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Here’s the complete ChatSonic-generated script:

“Opening shot of the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the words “Discover the Future” overlaid

Voiceover: The future is here, and it’s in the palm of your hand. Introducing the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the phone that redefines what’s possible in a mobile device.

Cut to a shot of a person holding the Galaxy S23 Ultra, scrolling through apps

Voiceover: With its stunning 6.8-inch Super AMOLED display, you’ll experience vibrant colours and crystal-clear resolution like never before.

Cut to a shot of the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera in action, taking photos and videos

Voiceover: And with a camera that’s more than just a camera, you’ll capture every moment with stunning detail and clarity. The S23 Ultra features a 108-megapixel primary camera, 64-megapixel telephoto camera, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera.

Cut to a shot of the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the words “Intelligent Performance” overlaid

Voiceover: The Galaxy S23 Ultra also boasts intelligent performance, with the ability to seamlessly transition between applications and run multiple programs simultaneously without any lag.

Cut to a shot of the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the words “Revolutionary Design” overlaid

Voiceover: And with its revolutionary design, the S23 Ultra feels as good as it looks. Its sleek and slim profile is complemented by its durable build, ensuring it can withstand the rigours of daily use.

Cut to a shot of the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the words “Powerful Battery” overlaid

Voiceover: Plus, with a powerful battery that lasts all day, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice when you need it most.

Closing shot of the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the words “Experience the Future Today” overlaid

Voiceover: Experience the future today with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Get yours now and discover what’s possible with the world’s most advanced mobile device.”

ChatSonic is just the chatbot for WriteSonic, the company behind it. WriteSonic offers a bunch of other tools like an AI Article Writer, Google Ad description writer, Company Bio writer, and so much more!

There’s way too much to explore on the platform and way too little time. From the script that it generated, you can see how capable the AI is.

If you decide to go for ChatSonic Premium, it is definitely worth it. Easily, one of the best ChatGPT alternatives to use right now, even if not entirely free. This is your one-stop ChatGPT alternative AI for coding, essays, and writing absolutely anything in general.

First Impressions

We were confused about which functionality to go for right away since the chatbot offers way too many features. Besides, depending on your needs, you can go for any of the services that it has to offer. That is always a good thing.

One of the first things we did was to ask ChatSonic if it could tell us jokes. Because, why not. And, we liked how it was capable of handling follow-ups in conversations. Pretty cool, honestly. Here’s what our wholesome little conversation went like:

ChatSonic Funny Conversation

Saying that our first impressions of ChatSonic were good would be an understatement. The 2,500 words cap did take a bit of the fun away as we couldn’t explore any further than we did. However, we are very tempted to go for the Premium version.

Very fastFree trial of just 2,500 words
Excellent AI image generationGets expensive after that (roughly around Rs. 1,000 per month)
Multiple personalities to talk to
Remembers past conversations
Good conversationalist

Try Here!

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2. OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Best Free ChatGPT Alternatives

For those unaware, OpenAI is the mastermind behind the popular ChatGPT AI platform. However, ChatGPT as you see it today was not always like this. Previously, OpenAI Playground is what was the beta version of ChatGPT.

So, you get to see a toned-down version of ChatGPT. This is not at all a bad thing, considering the fact that you don’t run into wait lists that much. There’s not much to add here as it comes with the exact same functionalities as ChatGPT.

OpenAI Playground

However, Playground lacks the ability to be a good conversationalist, unlike ChatGPT. ChatGPT is definitely miles better. However, if you are stuck with errors in ChatGPT, this mini version won’t hurt much. Definitely, one of the better ChatGPT alternatives to using for now.

First Impressions

Replies as efficiently as ChatGPTInaccuracies
Won’t run into wait lists that oftenCan’t hold conversations
Super fast

Try Here!

3. YouChat

YouChat ChatGPT Alternative Options

Don’t be fooled by the simple user interface of this website. As you keep digging, it will not fail to impress you. There are a bunch of features you can hop in on and try. We tried the YouChat chatbot first, of course. Here’s how the conversation went:

YouChat Fried Chicken Recipe

Pretty impressive for a minimalist chatbot right? We thought so too and hence, have added it to our list of best ChatGPT alternative options. We just had to, come on. It can give you as many methods as you want to make fried chicken. Isn’t that enough?

Jokes apart, this chatbot will keep you engaged. Whether you are using it just for fun or for research purposes, it will not let you down.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, we really liked the minimalist and to-the-point interface of You.com. Plus, the multitude of features packed in a small and efficient package was really efficient. We played around and were happy with the way things turned out.

Whether you are looking for the best ChatGPT alternative for coding, essays, emails or something else, this is the perfect answer to all of them.

Of course, it has its cons. But, overall, the experience was refreshing and better than a lot of other chatbots we tried. We totally had to add this as one of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

Decent conversationalistReferences are inaccurate sometimes
It is capable enough to carry out follow-ups
Provides real-time information on queries
Simple and easy to use
Can write codes and articles too

Try Here!

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4. Neeva AI

Neeva AI Best Free ChatGPT Alternatives

Neeva AI is not a chatbot. Rather, this is an advanced AI search engine that simplifies surfing the internet. Neeva AI answers your queries at lightning-fast speeds by referring to sources on the web. Here’s what it looks like:

Neeva AI Chatbot Conversation

It then gives you a synopsis of sorts which gives you a great insight into the subject. However, it fails to be anything more than that. So, if you are tired of chatbots and just need to experience a smart search engine, Neeva AI is the way to go.

Not exactly a proper ChatGPT alternative. But yes, since it relies on the web for information, it will not go wrong.

First Impressions

Took us a while to realise that Neeva did not come with an integrated chatbot. That was a bit of a letdown. However, an advanced AI search engine sounded promising. And, it is.

Our queries were met with accurate information and a simplified synopsis for ease of understanding. Overall, a user-friendly and simple AI search engine that deserves the spot.

Just don’t consider it to be one of those full-fledged ChatGPT alternatives. It gives more accurate data than them.

AI search engine which is smartJust a search engine; not a chatbot
Accurate informationDoesn’t look finished
Easy to use

Try Here!

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5. Character.AI

Character.AI Best Free ChatGPT Alternatives

Character AI is not your regular AI chatbot. It takes AI interaction to the next level by allowing you to have conversations with your favourite stars. Not literally, but with their AI models.

However, whatever celebrity or fictional character you search for, the AI chatbot has it in its library. Just tap or click on the desired figure and have a deep conversation with it. Here is what it looks like:

Character.AI Best ChatGPT Alternative Options (John Mayer Chat Room)

You can have intelligent conversations with the AI and go on for hours on end. Surely is one hell of an amazing ChatGPT alternative to using right now. It is addictive and something that will not give you unsettling answers to ruin your day. Take notes, Bing.

First Impressions

As soon as we got in, we were hooked. Took a while to figure out whether we need to create rooms or if there is some other way to operate it.

After we took the simpler route of just clicking on the search button at the top, things got easier. Bit of a rough start, but gets smoother very quickly. Worth adding in as one of the best ChatGPT alternatives that you can use for a 100 per cent free right now.

Can hold great conversationsBeing in the beta, it does not look polished
Conversations with favourite celebrities made easyMay seem a tad bit complex to use on the first go
Has pretty much every celebrity and character to talk to
Fast and minimalistic
Remembers previous conversations

Try Here!

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Is ChatGPT AI good or evil?

ChatGPT is probably the best thing that man has come up with since the invention of the wheel. Just kidding. But yes, this is revolutionary AI software and there’s no denying that. The OpenAI-created ChatGPT is a necessary evil if you ask us. So are the various new ChatGPT alternative options that are popping up every now and then.

For example, a report by The Times of India states how ChatGPT has the capability to seriously hinder the critical thinking abilities of students. However, it also states how teachers can use the AI chatbot to their advantage. To back this up, New York Times has also stated via a post about how instead of banning the AI, teachers can simply “teach with it”.

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There are several people who have concerns about ChatGPT taking away the jobs of those dwelling in the content creation space. In short, no, it doesn’t pose a threat of that scale. Neither does any of the ChatGPT alternatives that are surfacing online every other day.

The IndiaToday team did a small experiment of sorts and decided to ask this very question to ChatGPT itself. Even the AI chatbot believes that it will not be able to replace the creativity and critical thinking of human beings.

ChatGPT & Alternatives: Final Thoughts!

To put things simply, if you are really good at what you do, whether it is content creation or coding, ChatGPT will not be able to replace you.

Besides, so many reports have surfaced online talking about how ChatGPT makes a whole lot of errors in solving basic problems. Check this report by The Atlantic, for instance!

Moreover, as humans, we will always be superior to AI. Even though you can always replace human labour with machines, the capabilities of the human brain are impossible to replace. You can be sure of that.

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Highlights of the Story

  • ChatGPT came out in November 2022 and has been dominating the AI chatbot space since.
  • The top competitors of this OpenAI chatbot include Google Bard, Bing AI, ChatSonic, etc.
  • In this article, we list the best free ChatGPT alternatives that you can try right away!

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