Nowadays, creating interesting and attractive content has become extremely easy, as, in the initial days, we would have to use several computer systems and various other such devices, but now we are able to create high-quality content just with the help of our smartphones. Always difficult to find the best apps to merge and edit videos on Android.

Moreover, there are plenty of types of content, but one of the most used ones is the video and graphical-based content that is being created by combining various types of videos into a single one. 

Such video-based content is one of the trendiest types of content that is presented over platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms. But the biggest issue most of the people out there face is finding the best applications with the help of which they can merge videos and create high-quality content. And If you are one of those people who face such an issue, then make sure to follow this guide. As here, we are going to talk about some of the best android apps to join videos easily. 

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Best Android Apps to Merge Videos

Here is the list of Android applications that you can use for joining videos easily. 

Filmora Go

Filmora Go

The first option in the list of best android apps to join videos is Filmora Go, which is noted as the best video editing application. Moreover, the compatibility of this application is so higher than the actual expectations of its users, with the help of which you would be able to have access to powerful and efficient video editors with plenty of features. 

You would be able to merge as many videos as you want. Hence the overall method is straightforward as you need to tap on the plus sign, and that’s it. Along with the video merging feature, it also offers you some exceptional animations and transitions that you can place between your videos for a better effect. 

Key Features of Filmora Go:

  • You would be able to add pictures in your videos and hence can make it look more creative.
  • It helps to add various different transitions between the videos which look cool.
  • The app has a simple design that can be used by a beginner too.
  • The video output quality can be selected during the time of exporting.

Download Filmora Go



If you are trying to find a video joining Android applications with all kinds of professional features, then Kinemaster is the best available option. In case you are a beginner to such applications, then Kinemaster is not the one for you. As for using this application, you would need to have some professional knowledge and it takes more time to get used to it. 

Moreover, it is usually noticed that whenever you download such applications on the smartphone, the mobile version of video editors usually don’t have a lot of professional editing features. But with Kinemaster, you would be able to take advantage of desktop type video editing features. You would be able to take advantage of features such as speed control, with which you can make changes to your video playback speed. 

Key Features of Kinemaster:

  • There are several effects and themes that you can take advantage of with the Kinemaster android application. 
  • You can take advantage of the color adjustment feature of this application which will make your video more enhanced. 
  • It also offers you a great feature of reverse video playing. Moreover, with this feature, several people are creating magic trick videos. 
  • It offers several other features such as great filters, crop & rotate, and more.

Download Kinemaster



Here’s the third available option in the list of best android apps for joining videos, and that is Youcut. You all must have heard about the most popular application that is InShot, the developers of InShot video editor also created Youcut. It is a free video editing and merging application, moreover, with several free applications, you might have faced the issue of watermarks, but this application does not add any watermark, which is a huge plus. You can merge videos easily with the help of these applications, but not only that, you can even add cool effects in between these videos. There are many more such features that are offered by Youcut video editor, let us have a look at them:

  • You would be able to merge and join several videos with the help of this application easily. 
  • It also offers you features such as video trimmer and cutter, with which you can trim any video and join it to another video. 
  • You would be able to merge several videos with just one click, and hence with the help of exceptional transition effects, you can make those videos look even better. 
  • It also offers support of various features such as real-time recording, millions of animation styles, and social media sharing too. 
  • Youcut also offers you a video speed control feature with which you would be able to control the movement speed of a full or a particular part of a video. 
  • One of the most significant advantages of this application is that it does not attach any kind of watermark with the edited videos. 

Download Youcut



If you are trying to work with a video merging app that offers you a set of features that will provide you with satisfactory work, then Actiondirector is the most appropriate option for you. 

With the help of this android application, you would be able to merge two or more videos in one easily. 

  • You would be able to record videos and directly head towards editing them with the help of this android application. 
  • It also offers several video effects and animated stickers that help you to enhance your video. 
  • Speed control features are also available, with the help of which we can slower or fasten the speed of our videos. 
  • A video highlighting feature is also available with this application. 

Download ActionDirector



Here’s a video joining application that works as per its name, that’s Quick. With the help of this application, you would be able to edit and join several videos within no time. Moreover, this is an application that is created by the developers of GoPro action cameras. 

  • You would be able to add and merge videos efficiently. 
  • It even helps you to change the soundtracks of your videos with the help of just a few steps. 
  • You can create such videos in a faster and simpler way with this application. 

Download Quik

Here we have come to the end of this article where we discussed some of the best android applications that can help you in creating and joining videos efficiently. Not only that, but these applications also offer many more such great features. 



ActionDirector lets you create effect-rich viral action videos. It is an incredible video editing application where you can easily combine recordings by tapping on the + sign. It helps to change the speed of the recordings, enables ultra HD 4K video recording, merge and  trim videos, add repeat and rewind video effects and you can even make slow motion and speed edits. It puts a little watermark, which is the only serious disappointment you will face.

Key Features:

  • Many effects and filters available for videos.
  • Edit video color and apply brightness, contrast and saturation adjustments.
  • Record video with music from your own library.
  • Trim and cut.
  • Transitions to add to your videos.
  • Add text and titles with shadow and border.
  • Add animated stickers.
  • Slow motion and fast motion let you highlight the action with precise speed controls.
  • Highlight video to replay or rewind.
  • Produce, upload and share Ultra HD 4K video via social networks or messaging apps.