Android Features On iPhone: 9 Features We Need On iOS!

- Updated: 8th Feb 2023, 18:52 IST
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    Exclusive Android Features You Won’t Find In iPhone
    • 1. Split Screen Mode
    • 2. Guest Account & Multiple Users
    • 3. Storage Upgrades
    • 4. Close All Apps
    • 5. Home Screen Customisation
    • 6. Send Files Via Bluetooth
    • 7. Use Clone Apps
    • 8. Dual Slim Card Support
    • 9. Widget On The Home Screen
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    Winding Up – Android Features on iPhone

Android features on iPhone! Sounds illusory, right? However, there are a few Android features that iPhone still lacks. Android and iOS have existed in the market for over a decade. It indicates that both have remarkable comprehensive feature sets. However, there are some Android features that are exclusive to the operating system. This article shed light on why can’t you call an iPhone better in all aspects, although it is more expensive than Android.

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Exclusive Android Features You Won’t Find In iPhone

1. Split Screen Mode

Android Features : Split Screen Mode

This productivity feature you can get in Android smartphones but not in iPhones. If you use your smartphone for work, this feature will be really helpful for you. Using this feature, you can use two apps at the same time. Therefore, you will be able to do more work in less time. If you want to use this feature, follow the steps below.

  • First, open the app that you want to use.
  • After it, click on the recently used apps button and choose the second app you want to open.

The best thing about this feature is that you can even adjust how much screen each app will take up. You can even take notes of important information while watching any video or copy information from one app to another.

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2. Guest Account & Multiple Users

Android Features : Guest Account - 1
Guest Account - 2

If you want to maintain privacy, this feature is a blessing. Using this feature, you can share your smartphone with friends, family members, or kids without worrying about snooping. On Android devices, this feature was introduced with version 5.0; however, in iOS, this feature is still not available.

Each user has their id, password, apps, and data. Besides this, you can personalise phone calls and SMS settings using the multiple-user feature. Users can only access default apps when they log in as guest users. So, if you want to allow restricted usage of your smartphone by kids, this feature is the perfect pick for you.

3. Storage Upgrades

Android Features : Storage Upgrades

This feature is one of the biggest advantages of Android smartphones over iPhone smartphones. Nowadays, the mobile phone has become an integral part of our life, and the way we use the smartphone has changed.

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When it comes to storage upgrades, most Android smartphones provide you with an option to add extra storage by buying a micro SD card. This feature is not available on iPhones.

4. Close All Apps

Close All Apps

We use many smartphones every day. Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, almost fifteen apps are running on your device at any given time. However, close all apps is quite a useful feature that makes your life hassle-free.

Using this feature, you can easily close all apps with a single tap. This feature is only available on Android phones. However, on the other hand, if you want to close all apps on your iPhone, you need to close them one by one. It is quite a time-consuming task on iPhone.

5. Home Screen Customisation

Android Features : Home screen customisation

Regarding home screen customisation, Android smartphones are a clear winner. You can install custom launchers, widgets, icon packs, and more on an Android smartphone.

All these you can do without rooting your device. You can easily get third-party icon packs and pre-installed Themes apps even in Google Play Store. It lets users change the fonts and icon packs or apply system-wide themes in an all-in-one place. The home screen customisation option for iOS is quite limited, and it is far behind what Android smartphones offer. In latest iPhones, you can only change wallpapers, add widgets, and create and personalise multiple lock screens.

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6. Send Files Via Bluetooth

Send Files Via Bluetooth

It is one of the most useful features that iOS lacks. Of course, nowadays, we rarely use this feature. However, this feature is still present in Android and is quite useful. When you want to share files on iOS devices, you need to send them via AirDrop, and it is limited to only iOS devices.

You cannot send files from iOS to Android devices as sharing files via Bluetooth feature is unavailable in iOS.

If you use a hybrid ecosystem, then it will be a really tough time for you when it comes to sharing files.

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7. Use Clone Apps

Use Clone Apps

You can make clones of applications on an Android smartphone and use multiple accounts for those apps. For example, if you want to use two WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone, you can make a clone of the original WhatsApp app and use another account on the clone app.

You can even download a third-party clone application from the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone if your phone does not have a pre-installed clone app. In iOS, this feature is not available.

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8. Dual Slim Card Support

Dual Slim Card Support

Nowadays, most people want a smartphone that supports dual sim cards. In Android smartphones, this feature has been available for a long time. However, finding an iPhone with such a feature is quite rare. Besides that, how iPhone interact with the dual sim is also different. There is no specific physical SIM card slot in the latest iPhones. However, they support dual eSIM.

In Android smartphones, you can use micro sims and standard sims. However, it is hard to find products with iPhones that offer the same features.

9. Widget On The Home Screen

Widget On The Home Screen

iOS has a few widgets, but you can experience more utility when you use Android. While using an Android smartphone, you can pin widgets anywhere on the home screen. However, on iOS, the scenario is completely different. On iOS, you cannot pin widgets on a home screen, but you can pin all widgets on a single screen. All widgets will be arranged quite neatly so a few people might like it.

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Winding Up – Android Features on iPhone

In summary, these are unique features that iOS still lacks. Of course, iOS is trying hard to catch up, but at this stage, it is quite hard to say that it will ever be able to match the freedom that an Android smartphone offers.

So, think wisely and decide whether you can live with some restrictions or want to enjoy complete flexibility with your smartphone’s operating system. If you think we have missed out on any Android features on iPhone that you want, then make sure to mention them in the comment section below.

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