Amit Sethi on the Impact of Fast Smartphone Upgrade Cycle and How to Prevent It

- Updated: 20th Feb 2020, 04:27 IST

Year 2020. We’re no longer just a society where technology interests those who make a living out of it. Access to technology has never been easier, what with the tidal influx of smartphones, tablets, laptops, fitness bands, smartwatches and other gadgets. A new upgrade is always just a few months away. OEMs tweak a few elements on their smartphones and call it a new mobile launch. But what happens to devices already in existence?

The craze to buy new phone is growing and how! All we want is that new display design, that multi-camera configuration, that new and improved processor which makes gaming better. Subsequently, mobile upgrade cycle is shrinking with every new smartphone. Although this fast refresh pattern is making us technologically more adept and our digital habits hassle-free, it’s also taking a toll on our environment.

To put it straight, when we move on to a new device and abandon our old mobile phones, there’s one more unit of e-waste that will either someday go to a landfill or be kept in a state where its potential will be unfulfilled. Either way, it’s not doing our planet any favour. E-waste has been found to be one of the major pollutants of our times. Soon it will be contributing about 14% to GHGE. But does that mean we should stop using smartphones for good? Here’s a healthier, eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to cope with this.

While buying a new phone, we should always think if we can sell old phone that we had been using. If there’s a platform that enables us to it, then why not! Enter Cashify, where you can sell mobile phone in a jiffy. That’s not all! While upgrading, it is always a better idea to buy refurbished phone, both for your wallet and the environment’s sake. That’s a very effective way to stop climate change at our end. 

Here’s Amit Sethi, talking about the repercussions of the fast upgrade cycle that has become the norm today and how we can tackle it with a few small steps. 


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