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- Updated: 6th May 2024, 09:50 IST
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    The Importance of Item Trackers
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    Essential Criteria for Choosing an AirTag Android Alternative
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    In-Depth Look at Top AirTag Android Alternatives
    • 1. CubePro Tag: The Versatile Choice
    • 2. Tile Pro: The Industry Pioneer
    • 3. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: For Samsung Users
    • 4. Tile Slim: The Discreet Option
    • 5. Tile Sticker: The Specialised Choice
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Apple’s AirTag has quickly become a standout offering in the burgeoning market for item-tracking devices. Specifically engineered for Apple’s ecosystem, AirTags have revolutionised the concept of object tracking with their numerous features such as Bluetooth connectivity, water resistance, and user-replaceable batteries. However, it leaves Android users questioning their options. So, why exactly might one require an item tracker, and what are the alternatives to AirTags for Android users?

The Importance of Item Trackers

The usage of item trackers like Apple’s AirTag has moved beyond a mere tech gimmick to a daily essential for many. Lost car keys, misplaced bags, or even wandering pets can all lead to moments of sheer panic. AirTags can alleviate such stress by helping users locate their belongings using Apple’s extensive Find My network.

Equipped with a U1 chip that uses Ultra-Wideband technology, AirTags can help you locate items with unprecedented precision, unlike older tracking technologies. This level of precision can be particularly useful in congested or confusing spaces like airports or shopping malls, turning a potential crisis into a minor inconvenience.

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While Apple’s AirTag is optimised for the iOS ecosystem, it leaves Android users seeking alternative solutions. As the technology of item tracking becomes more deeply integrated into our daily lives, the demand for cross-platform and Android-compatible trackers grows. This has led to a surge in alternatives that offer features ranging from voice-assisted location finding to smart home integration.

These alternative tags can range in form factor, compatibility, and even additional features like water resistance or remote ring options. Just as the AirTag has become an essential tool for iPhone users, Android-compatible tags are proving equally invaluable for those outside the Apple ecosystem. So, whether you’re team iPhone or team Android, rest assured that there are effective tracking solutions to meet your needs.

Essential Criteria for Choosing an AirTag Android Alternative

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Before diving into the alternatives, it’s crucial to understand what you should be looking for:

  • Multi-Device Support: While AirTags are exclusive to iOS, an ideal alternative should be compatible with a wide array of Android devices, as well as potentially other operating systems.
  • Form Factor Flexibility: Depending on what you intend to track, the size, shape, and weight of the tracking device are essential. Some trackers are designed to fit into wallets or attach to keychains, while others may be better suited for larger items like bags or suitcases.
  • Network Reach: A tracker is only as good as the network supporting it. Therefore, look for alternatives with a robust network, which can locate your items even if they are far from your location.
  • Durability and Resilience: Features like water and dust resistance will make your tracker far more durable. This is particularly relevant for people who often find themselves in varied environmental conditions.
  • Cost vs. Features: While price points for tracker tags don’t usually vary significantly, some might offer premium features at a slightly higher cost. Analyze the cost against the feature set to make a more informed decision.

In-Depth Look at Top AirTag Android Alternatives

1. CubePro Tag: The Versatile Choice


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  • Compatibility: CubePro Tag is compatible with both Android and iOS, making it a flexible option for families or individuals using multiple operating systems.
  • Design: With a sleek, modern metallic look, the CubePro is visually appealing and can easily attach to your belongings without looking out of place.
  • Sound: One standout feature is its ringer, which boasts an impressive 101dB loudness level, making it easier to locate your items in noisy environments.
  • Range: Its Bluetooth range is substantial, and the CubePro also shows the last known location when it goes out of range, a crucial feature for easier retrieval.
  • Battery: The device has a replaceable battery, extending its lifecycle beyond that of a fixed battery unit.

2. Tile Pro: The Industry Pioneer

  • Compatibility: Tile Pro supports both Android and iOS, offering a versatile tracking solution for various users.
  • Sound and Range: With an extremely loud ringer and a Bluetooth range of 400 feet, Tile Pro makes it almost impossible to lose track of your items.
  • Subscription Services: While the basic features are strong, a Tile Premium subscription can unlock additional functionalities like Smart Alerts and location history.
  • Battery: Unlike some other trackers, the Tile Pro comes with a replaceable battery that lasts for a year.

3. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: For Samsung Users


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  • Compatibility: Designed explicitly for Samsung users, the SmartTag integrates seamlessly with the Samsung ecosystem.
  • Features: Beyond mere tracking, this tag also offers control over other smart home devices via Samsung’s SmartThings App.
  • Range: It has an effective range of 360 feet but uses nearby Samsung devices to extend this reach significantly.
  • Price: Priced at Rs. 10,273 in India, it’s on the higher end but offers specialised services for Samsung users.

4. Tile Slim: The Discreet Option

  • Form Factor: Its unique card-shaped design makes it ideal for discreet tracking of items like wallets or documents.
  • Range: It offers a respectable range of 250 feet and integrates well with the Tile App.
  • Battery: The battery is non-replaceable but lasts for an impressive three years.
  • Additional Features: Comes in various colors and supports voice assistant functionalities.

5. Tile Sticker: The Specialised Choice


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  • Unique Adhesive: The Tile Sticker comes with a self-adhesive backing, allowing it to stick to items that are otherwise difficult to attach tags to.
  • Range and Durability: With a 250-foot range and waterproof capabilities, this tracker is both effective and resilient.
  • Voice Assistant: Like its siblings, the Tile Sticker also comes with voice assistant functionalities, making it easier to locate your items hands-free.


While Apple’s AirTag may have set the standard for item tracking within the iOS ecosystem, Android users need not feel left out. With a plethora of options ranging from the versatile CubePro Tag to the more specialised Tile Sticker, there’s something for everyone.

When choosing your AirTag Android alternative, it’s vital to consider the range of compatibility, physical dimensions, robustness of the network, and durability features. Though no tracker provides a one-size-fits-all solution, the increasing variety of choices ensures that you’re likely to find a tracker that fits your particular set of needs perfectly.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Apple’s AirTag offers precise tracking within the iOS ecosystem, revolutionizing object tracking.
  • Android users have alternatives like CubePro Tag, Tile Pro, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, and others, compatible with various needs and preferences.
  • Trackers’ efficacy depends on compatibility, physical dimensions, network robustness, and durability.