Why Choose Repair Over Buying a New Phone? 

- Updated: 5th Feb 2020, 10:55 IST
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    Reasons to Go For Repairing a Broken Phone Over Buying a New One
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    Repairing Saves Money
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    Repairing Saves Time
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    Environmental Reasons
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    Utilize the Warranty
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    Getting the Maximum Value
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    When to Buy a New Phone?

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If you look at the subway, restaurant, sidewalks, or even at any event, you will find one thing common – people with low heads playing mobile phones or snapping pictures can be seen everywhere. Nowadays, the mobile phone has become an intrinsic part of our lives. One of the worst things that could happen to us is our phone gets broken or damaged. Now, in such situations, we get into the dilemma of whether to repair the damaged phone or buy a new one? Here, in this article, we will be discussing the advantage of choosing repair over buying a new phone.

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Reasons to Go For Repairing a Broken Phone Over Buying a New One

If you are facing issues on your phone or your phone is damaged, before buying a new one remember that your device might be repairable. Before reaching the conclusion about whether you should repair the phone which you currently have or replace it with a new one. Here, we have listed some important reasons why you should go for repairing your device over buying a new one.

Repairing Saves Money

Replacing your current phone with the new one is not wrong but it may affect your budget as buying a smartphone can be quite expensive. Your current smartphone can still get the job done like it was before. In most of cases, repairing is going to be a lot cheaper than buying a new smartphone, irrespective of the manufacturer. So, if your device has broken screen, liquid damage, charging problems, battery issues or any other similar fault, then it is best to go for repairing rather than spending hundreds of bucks on getting a new smartphone.
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repairing phone saves money

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In case you are looking to get your smartphone repaired you can check out Cashify’s repair centre where you can get your smartphone repaired from well-trained technicians and you can also schedule the repair at your doorstep.

Repairing Saves Time

When you want to replace your old phone with a new one, you just don’t go and buy it. First, you research the smartphone, its features, advantages and disadvantages and everything else. After you have decided to buy a phone, you look at your budget. Also when you buy the new smartphone you need to go through the hassle of backing up or retrieving data from your old smartphone and then restoring the data to the newer one. So, it is not easy to buy a new one. It takes a lot of time because you will be using it for personal and professional work till that too for a good amount of time. If you decided to fix the issues residing in your phone, it won’t take that much time, especially for the minor faults. So, repairing your phone saves your time along with the money.

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Environmental Reasons

repairing phones helps save the environment

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Throwing or dumping your phone also affects the environment in many aspects. A high amount of carbon dioxide is released in manufacturing the phone. Also, the major materials which are used for manufacturing the phone, such as coltan or niobium are getting lower day by day. Every one of us who is holding a phone, tablet, laptop or other similar electronic device is somewhere responsible for this. Also, your old smartphone might end up in trash and will never be recycled and this will add up to ever-increasing e-waste. So, if you go for repairing it is not only cost-effective or environmental but equally ethical.

Utilize the Warranty

Almost every company sells the phone along with the warranty. So, if you have issues in your phone and it is under warranty, you can get it repaired without paying any cost. However, there are some conditions that the companies put for free repairing of the device.

Getting the Maximum Value

Before replacing your phone with the new one, just ask yourself whether you have utilized your phone up to the maximum value. When you buy any new phone, you spend time researching about it, reading its reviews and then spend a good amount of money. Everything will be worthless if you have not utilized it properly. Just spend little time for thinking about your investments for that device, and make a comparatively better decision.

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When to Buy a New Phone?

Till now we have discussed the reasons to choose repairing the damaged phone instead buying the new one. However, at some point of time, you have to buy a new phone. It is a wise decision to replace your current device with the old one in two conditions:

  • When your phone model is totally out of date.
  • If your phone is irreparable.
  • When the repair cost of your mobile is higher than buying a new one.

So, go through the cases and think deeply before making a choice whether you are going to repair your damaged phone or will be buying a new one. 

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