[Report] Reality Of HindiZway & Girlfriend WhatsApp App?

- Updated: 13th Jan 2023, 12:38 IST
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    What is HindiZway?
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    What is HindiZway WhatsApp?
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In January 2022, there was a significant rise in searches for “Hindizway WhatsApp” and “Girlfriend WhatsApp”. The term created so many searches that it became a trending search on Google. However, our digital investigation into this subject revealed key details that are quite surprising. Let’s look at them one by one.

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What is HindiZway?

HindiZway is a blogging website that mainly publishes articles on WhatsApp tricks, video calling applications and product reviews, these are three primary categories mentioned on their website. As you can see in the below images.

Hindizway Whatsapp Website page

The website has also not mentioned any social media accounts or their link, anywhere on the website. The social media icon seems to be there, however it doesn’t have any redirection link for their social media handle.

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When we clicked “About me” on the website, it got redirected to another domain name “sora-seo-soratemplates.blogspot.com”, where we didn’t any valuable information regarding the HindiZway website.

To get more info about the website, we did a simple search on Who.is. The results were as expected, we found no information regarding the website. The only credible information we have about the HindiZway website is the following:

Hindizway Website Whois
  1. Domain name seller: Godaddy.com
  2. Domain name purchased: March 14, 2019
  3. Registrant state: West Bengal
Hindizway Website Whois info

Unfortunately, with these following details, we cannot confirm the credibility of the website for any information present on its platform.

What is HindiZway WhatsApp?

The website HindiZway is claiming that they have a dedicated WhatsApp application, that will let you use your Girfriend’s WhatsApp account. According to an article published by the website, which is tittle “How to use Girlfriend WhatsApp in Hindi”, you can download this app from their platform.

Hindizway Whatsapp

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In addition, the website has also mentioned the benefit of the application, in great detail, “Now track WhatsApp using this app and also track other app usages of your phone. App Usage Tracker Help App usage count for free, to know the amount of time spent using each of the apps installed on your device. Application usage tracker is also used as an over-usage reminder for the app. It reminds you of when you spent on the phone. Or apps for a long time.” as quoted from the website HindiZway.com.

The website has also mentioned, how you can download the HindiZway WhatsApp application from its platform. You can see it on the screen below.

Our investigation:

We went ahead and tried to download the application by going to the provided link, however, we weren’t able to find any credible information. Once we clicked on the App download button, we got redirected to another URL “www.allhindimehelp.com/download-video-calling-apps/”.

Article Link for Hindizway

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The articles stated that we needed to wait 30 seconds to download the application, however, once we tried to download the app, we got another redirected URL, “www.allhindimehelp.com/video-calling-karne-wala-apps/” and this ends our journey.
We didn’t find any credible information to verify the website HindiZway authenticity and its claim, that the platform has a version of WhatsApp that will enable you to download a Girlfriend WhatsApp account. In addition, we did not find any such app on its platform.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy & Security

WhatsApp desktop

WhatsApp privacy policy claims that all of its messages are end-to-end encrypted and are not stored on any device apart from your own smartphone. In addition, you can also check from your end if your chats are encrypted or not, all you have to do is look for the Lock icon. Once you tap on the icon, you can verify the number shown from the recipient’s number.

To take privacy to the next level, WhatsApp has also introduced a disappearing messages feature, which will automatically delete the conversation after a certain amount of time. The time can be set manually by both the users to ensure maximum security of their WhatsApp chat.

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At the end

Users are requested to not fall prey to such websites or articles that claim to provide a hacking solution to spy on other citizens’ digital devices. A non-credible website might install a third-party application, virus, malware or adware to your smartphone or laptop if you’re not that careful. It is important to stay informed and not indulge in activities that may affect your own device’s security.

Disclaimer: Spying and Hacking on any electronic device is unethical & illegal, and Cashify does not promote any such activity on its platform.

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  • We conducted a digital investigation and found vital information about the HindiZway platform, and its claim to provide a WhatsApp application. Here are all our findings.

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