Ultimate Material For Choosing The Best Mobile Phone Cover!

- Updated: 20th Mar 2024, 16:58 IST
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    Different Material For Choosing The Best Mobile Phone Cover
    • Silicone
    • Plastic
    • Leather
    • Carbon Fiber
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    Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Mobile Phone Cover
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    Comparing Different Materials In Choosing The Best Mobile Phone Cover!
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    Wrapping Up

Are you confused about choosing the best mobile phone cover for your device? If yes, worry not! In this comprehensive guide, you will learn all about different materials that will help you in choosing the best cover for your phone! So let’s get started!

Your phone is like a buddy that is always there with you! From finding cabs online to ordering your favourite food, it can do it all. It can help you in staying connected with your friends and family. But since your mobile phone is such a crucial part of your life, it only makes sense to keep it protected from probable damage, scratches, and more! So, it’s extremely important to choosing the best mobile phone cover.

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Different Material For Choosing The Best Mobile Phone Cover

Silicone– Flexibility and grip
– Absorbs shock
– Affordable
– Comfortable to hold
– Attracts dust
– May not protect against heavy drops
Plastic– Lightweight
– Polycarbonate (rigid, scratch-resistant)
– Thermoplastic Polyurethane (shock-absorbent)
– Multiple options
– Does not increase device weight
– Aesthetic concerns with cheaper types
– Harmful to the planet (cheaper types)
Leather– Sophisticated appearance
– Comfortable grip
– Durable
– Elegant appeal
– Expensive
– Prone to moisture damage
Carbon Fiber– Extremely durable and lightweight
– Ultimate protection
– Elegant Appeal
– Expensive but worth the money
– Limited availability for specific flagship models

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This material is the most popular choice among people when they are searching for a phone cover. Because the material gives flexibility and grip, it is also an affordable option for most people. If you are someone who is clumsy and keeps dropping your device every now and then and wants something that can absorb the shop, silicone is the right choice.

One thing to note is that it is also comfortable to hold. But there is a slight drawback to this material: it can attract dust and might not protect your mobile phone against heavy drops.

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Now, this is one material that gives users multiple options to choose from. It is lightweight and, hence, won’t increase the weight of your device. Mostly, every device these days crosses the 180-gram mark and gets heavier on the hands. In this, people are now seeking for a cover that does not feel heavy.

Plastic covers come in two forms. Polycarbonate which is rigid and does not attract scratches. The other is Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which is softer than the first one and can absorb shocks to a great extent. However, I won’t suggest you go for the cheaper plastic as it does not look aesthetic and is harmful to the planet as well. Both options serve different needs, so keep both needs in mind while choosing the best mobile phone cover for you.

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If people search for a cover that seems sophisticated and classy, then leather seems like the number one choice. It offers a comfortable grip to the phone and is durable. But one thing to note is that it is a bit more expensive than silicone and plastic, and there is a high possibility of moisture damage.

These covers need extra care to maintain a nice like-new appeal, unlike plastic and silicone covers. If you are willing to invest in style and long life, then leather is the ultimate choice. One more thing to note is that leather is not vegan-friendly, so make sure to prioritise your preferences before you buy.

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Carbon Fiber

This material is extremely durable and lightweight. They will give your mobile a protection that is worth taking specially when you are using an expensive device like some flagship models. They are surely expensive but definitely worth the money.

When compared with steel, this material is much stronger and lightweight. Carbon Fiber is used in automobiles, aeroplanes, golf clubs, and much more. If you are using Apple, Samsung, or OnePlus flagship devices, these type of cases will provide ultimate protection and they look elegant as well.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Mobile Phone Cover

Now that you know the different materials for choosing a phone cover, it is time to discuss the things that you must consider while buying a phone cover. While choosing the best mobile phone cover, it is important to analyse your own lifestyle and preferences to analyse the level of protection that is required.

If you prioritize flexibility, shock absorption, and affordability, silicone covers are a reliable option. Plastic covers, available in various forms, will give you both rigidity and shock absorption. For those seeking an elegant and durable option, leather covers provide a sophisticated touch but come at a higher price.

There are also more materials like Metal, Wood, and Rubber, but to be honest, they are not as long term and practical in the long run. If you are investing money in protecting your loved device, then you deserve nothing but the best!

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Comparing Different Materials In Choosing The Best Mobile Phone Cover!

Now that we have seen different material, it is time we compare them in terms of different factors. These factor include Eco-friendliness, Strength, Grip, Comfort, Affordability, and Elegance. It is important to compare to get a clear idea of which material you should choose when buying a mobile phone cover. Here is the table to help you give a clear understanding:

Carbon FiberHighHighModerateHighModerateHigh
LeatherLowHighHighHighLow to HighHigh

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Wrapping Up

In the end, I can say that while choosing the best mobile phone cover, it is also important to consider the availability of your own mobile phone. Some brands are easier to find in the local market than others. Also, there are some honourable mentions of phone cover brands that offer quality, like Spigen. I personally use Spigen Cover, and it has been serving me well for more than a year now with multiple heavy drops for the phone.

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Let me know which covers you prefer the most in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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