Top Whatsapp Alternative Apps to Use

- Updated: 26th Nov 2023, 16:06 IST
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    Top Whatsapp Alternative Apps
    • Signal
    • Telegram
    • Apple iMessage and Messages by Google
    • Snapchat
    • Wire

Whatsapp is one of the most used apps all over the world because of its easy accessibility and simplistic approach. With features including text messaging, sharing of images and videos, free audio and video chats, and desktop and smartphone compatibility. WhatsApp has made a name for itself as a versatile messaging platform for a long time.

However, it’s crucial to understand that not everyone will find WhatsApp to be the perfect fit, which is why a lot of tech-savvy professionals are looking for alternatives to WhatsApp that can copy its finest features while taking care of some particular issues.

This shift is also relevant in light of Meta-owned WhatsApp’s privacy policy, which explicitly states its data collection practices, raising concerns among users, particularly those who prioritise data security and transparency over anything else.

Here we have listed the top WhatsApp alternatives that provide major improvements, better user experiences, and extra benefits in addition to mirroring WhatsApp’s key features.

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Top Whatsapp Alternative Apps


Signal Makes It Easier To Transfer Chats To New Device

The best option if you are looking for a WhatsApp alternative that places a strong emphasis on privacy and security is Signal. Signal is a popular messaging app known for its robust privacy protection and it is also one of Signal’s standout features. It guarantees that your conversations are highly secure through comprehensive end-to-end encryption features.

Your data remains protected whether you’re sending text messages, making voice or video calls, or sharing. This means that only you and the person you’re communicating with can read or hear your messages and calls. Moreover, Signal extends this encryption to various aspects of the app, including backups, calls, and group calls.

While Signal may lack an automatic backup option, it provides an export function that allows you to manually back up your data. This way, you can easily transfer your information to another device or store it for safekeeping. 


Telegram is a versatile messaging app that’s gaining popularity for its extraordinary features. It provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your messages and media are kept private, making it a secure WhatsApp alternative. The remarkable feature of Telegram is its group chat capabilities. You can chat with an impressive 200,000 users in a single chat group, making it an excellent choice for larger communities or organisations.

Thanks to its cloud-based technology, it claims to send messages faster than many other apps, ensuring that your communication is quick and efficient. The best part of Telegram is, that it is entirely free and open-source, making it accessible to a wide range of users on various platforms, including iPhone, Android, and even web browsers.

For those who value privacy, Telegram offers a “secret chat” mode. In this mode, messages have a self-destruct timer, ensuring that they disappear after a set time. Also, messages and content sent in secret chats can’t be copied or forwarded, and if the sender deletes a message, it also disappears from the recipient’s device. This added layer of privacy makes Telegram an appealing choice for those who want full control over their conversations. 

Apple iMessage and Messages by Google


For iPhone and Mac users, when it comes to choosing a simple yet effective alternative to WhatsApp, iMessage seems like an ideal option especially when you’re connecting with fellow iPhone users, iMessage offers seamless and secure communication. iMessage allows you to send messages to anyone with a phone number, whether they use iMessage or not.

However, it’s important to note that when sending messages to Android devices, iMessage switches to the traditional SMS method due to Apple’s decision not to support RCS, a more advanced messaging standard used by Google messages. This means that while your Apple-based messages are secure, messages to Android users may not benefit from the same level of protection. In terms of features, iMessage is on par with other popular messaging apps- it supports images, GIFs, videos, and group calls, making it a versatile and fully-featured choice. 

We can transmit messages between devices much more easily thanks to Google’s RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging technology. It’s a safe messaging platform that guarantees the encryption of your communications, adding an additional level of security. RCS communications are a flexible option for communication because they can hold more information than standard SMS messages.

Google Messages offers an array of user-friendly features including smart replies to save you time, a collection of stickers and GIFs for added fun, suggested actions to streamline your messaging experience, and seamless integration with Gboard for easy typing. One significant advantage of using RCS with Google Messages is its automatic end-to-end encryption. This means your messages are private and secure when you communicate with others using the same app. 



Snapchat is an easy-to-use instant messaging app that is totally free to use and simple to get started with. However, by emphasising images over words, Snapchat adds a distinctive twist to the texting experience. Although text messaging is still supported, Snapchat mostly focuses on visual content. Snapchat is powered by AI tools to enhance photos, AR Experience for real-time filters, and a lot more.

It also supports a wide range of other media formats as well, enhancing the vibrancy and interest of your interactions. Whether you’re into creating group chats, having voice calls, engaging in group voice calls, or adding a touch of fun with gifs, Snapchat has all covered. If you’re someone who enjoys being at the cutting edge of chat technology and wants to access the latest and coolest chat features, Snapchat is the go-to app for you. By using Snapchat, you’ll not only enjoy a wide array of messaging options but also be the first to experience the most innovative chat features as they emerge in the world of digital communication.


Wire App

Wire offers an exciting combination of end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and a user-friendly interface, making it a top alternative to WhatsApp. Wire is also committed to its end-to-end encryption feature that ensures your privacy and security. While Wire may not have reached the same level of popularity as some other messaging apps, it’s worth noting that this can be an advantage. With fewer users, there’s less noise and clutter, making your interactions more focused and personal. One standout feature of Wire is its tap-proof phone calls. This means that your voice calls are highly secure, making it a great choice for those who prioritise the confidentiality of their conversations. 

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