Which Is Better, Smartwatch VS Smart Band?

- Updated: 5th Jul 2023, 16:04 IST
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    Smartwatch VS Smart Band
    • 1. Smartwatch Vs Smart Band: As Wearables
    • 2. Smartwatch Vs Smart Band: Usage
    • 3. Smartwatch Vs Smart Band: Battery life
    • 4. Fitness tracker apps offer additional tracking
    • Do any devices offer the best of both worlds?
    • Should you choose a Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker?

Users generally are confused about differentiating a smartwatch from a smart band. For most consumers, both mean the same thing, but technically both are not the same.

A smartwatch has a screen that is effectively an extension of your smartphone, a device on your wrist that allows you to check texts, emails, and even social media. A fitness tracker is a band with sensors that feed data to your smartphone.

However, the two devices have converged in recent years. While smartwatches truly leaned into the fitness realm, fitness trackers became more complex, adopting screens and even having the ability to show smartphone notifications. The older fitness tracker models, like the FitBit Charge and Mi Band, are now outdated. On the other hand, the Apple Watch, which is currently the most popular fitness monitoring device, is a smartwatch.

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Smartwatch VS Smart Band

1. Smartwatch Vs Smart Band: As Wearables

Smartwatch vs Smart band as Wearables

If you have used both devices, you would notice that both of these have quite a lot in common. Both these devices, i.e smartwatches and smart bands can be used to tell time, mirror smartphone notifications (To some extent on a smart band) and track fitness.

The differences between the two devices mainly revolve around screen size, build materials, refined software experience, watch faces and a combination of some extra sensors. Smart bands are fitness-focused, as opposed to smartwatches, which mix fitness tracking with communication, fashion, and smartphone capabilities on the wrist.

Both of these devices share some features; if you’ve used one, you may easily know the difference. Typically, smartwatches and smart bands are worn around the wrists, and both tell the time and contain health and fitness capabilities (pedometer, tachymeter, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, etc.). They can also be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth. 

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2. Smartwatch Vs Smart Band: Usage

Smartwatch Vs Smart Band: Usage

When, where, and how frequently (if at all) you intend to use the wearable will determine which one you should buy between a smartwatch and a smart band.

A smartwatch resembles a conventional watch in design. In other words, smartwatches are appropriate for daily use. Some have detachable straps (stainless steel, leather, buckle-like, rubber, etc.) that you can switch out for a different occasion or outing and are even better designed than regular watches.

Best fitness trackers to buy

Smart fitness trackers often feature simply rubber straps since, as their name suggests, they work best when worn while participating in sports or leisure activities. Additionally, even though some wear their smart bands all day, they are only ideally suited for some situations. You would concur that a smartwatch, not a smart band, should be worn to a business setting or meeting.

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3. Smartwatch Vs Smart Band: Battery life

Before you assume that because they are bigger and more complex, smartwatches have the longest battery life, think again.

Yes, they normally have larger battery sizes and capacities. Still, smartwatches typically have shorter battery lives because of the various sophisticated features, large coloured displays, and activities of the complex Operating System.

After a full day of use, you would typically need to charge a smartwatch. Smart bands, in comparison, may operate for three to five days on a single charge. In some cases, the battery life of a smart band can extend to a week or more as well.

4. Fitness tracker apps offer additional tracking

fitness tracking using smartwatch

You should be able to check your wrist with a fitness tracker to determine if you’re accomplishing your fitness objectives. You’ll be able to track more once you sync your tracker with the companion app.

You can track some additional metrics such as calorie intake, water, and weight gain or decrease with several partner apps. You can see your data over the years if you wear it long enough. Such data is fantastic if you want to see how you improved or where you need to improve.

In the case of smartwatches, you can simply see a lot of metrics on the watch itself as most smartwatches usually run on Wear OS from Google or Watch OS by Apple. Smartwatches have a sophisticated set of built-in apps to display your metrics on the watch itself. While smart bands have smaller low res displays and don’t feature any complex OS, so detailed fitness metrics can be viewed when you sync the band to your smartphone.

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Do any devices offer the best of both worlds?

which is better smartwatch of smartband

Sort of, but not fully, is the response. The distinction between smartwatches and fitness trackers and those aimed toward fashion and sports is becoming hazier and hazier.

Along with the most cutting-edge smart features, Apple has incorporated robust health and activity monitoring capabilities into its Apple Watch. Although it may be tempting to spend a lot of money on an Apple Watch in the hopes of covering all the areas, keep in mind that not everyone will find it useful.

The fitness metrics provided by the Apple Watch may not be sufficient if you are extremely passionate about a particular sport. Instead, you may purchase a circular display Wear OS watch if the style is your primary concern.

Should you choose a Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker?

FItness Band

These gadgets have benefits that make them a good choice. Generally speaking, a fitness tracker is ideal for someone who desires basic or moderately advanced fitness tracking; the device will keep you active and motivate you to move each day.

If you want all of its capabilities to be conveniently located on your wrist and enjoy the convenience of answering calls or texts without having to take out your phone, then a smartwatch is for you. The extra benefit is connecting your preferred fitness apps to your smartwatch so you can keep track of your workouts.

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  • But it is difficult to choose between the two as both have many features in common,
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