How To Recharge Metro Card Using WhatsApp

- Updated: 30th May 2023, 02:33 IST
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    Recharge Metro Card Using Whatsapp! Is It True?
    • Where is this facility available?
    • Step-By-Step Guide to Recharge Metro Card Using WhatsApp Chatbot?

There has been rapid growth in the number of commuters relying on metro transportation on a daily basis. Particularly in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Delhi. Hence there is an urgent requirement for improved services and a more comfortable travel experience.

In response to this demand, Metro Rail Corporations have taken proactive measures to implement changes that enhance the convenience for passengers and elevate their overall journey experience. While there are several challenges faced by metro riders. One prominent issue revolves around the process of acquiring metro card recharges and tokens. The inevitable overcrowding often gives rise to lengthy queues and considerable time wastage.

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Recharge Metro Card Using Whatsapp! Is It True?

An innovative solution has emerged poised to address this predicament effectively. Metro passengers can now conveniently book, recharge, or cancel their metro tickets through the popular messaging platform, WhatsApp. This advancement eliminates the necessity of physical queues, ushering in a new era of streamlined metro ticket management.

The integration of WhatsApp into the metro ticketing and information system has ushered in a revolutionary transformation for metro commuters. And this has significantly enhanced their travel experience. As WhatsApp continues to gain immense popularity as a leading communication platform in India. Harnessing its capabilities for metro services has emerged as a game-changer in the transportation sector.

By enabling passengers to book, recharge, or cancel metro tickets through WhatsApp, Metro Rail Corporations have tackled one of the major pain points of metro travel – long queues. The overcrowding at metro stations, particularly during peak hours, often leads to frustrating delays and wasted time for commuters. With the new WhatsApp facility, passengers can now conveniently perform these transactions from the comfort of their smartphones, without the need to stand in physical queues. This not only saves time but also reduces the overall stress associated with metro travel.

Furthermore, the integration of WhatsApp extends beyond ticketing services. The WhatsApp Metro chatbot provides commuters with access to valuable information such as metro schedules, route maps, fare details, and other updates. This comprehensive range of information empowers passengers to plan their journeys more effectively and stay informed about any changes or disruptions in the metro service. Whether it’s a first-time metro traveller or a regular commuter, having this information readily available at their fingertips enhances the overall travel experience.

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Where is this facility available?

The introduction of this service is initially launched in four major cities, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. This serves as a significant milestone and paves the way for future expansion to other metro networks throughout the country. This initial rollout signifies a crucial step towards revolutionizing the metro travel experience for millions of commuters. And reshaping their perception of this mode of transportation in India.

By implementing this technology-driven solution in these key cities, metro authorities have not only addressed the immediate needs of a substantial number of commuters. But have also set a precedent for other cities to follow suit. The positive impact of this integration is anticipated to ripple across the nation. And more and more metro networks might adopt this progressive approach.

The widespread adoption of this service holds immense potential for transforming the way people perceive and experience metro travel in India. It brings forth a host of benefits for passengers, including streamlined ticketing processes, reduced wait times, and improved overall travel convenience. As the service expands to more cities, an increasing number of metro travellers will have access to these advantages, thereby enhancing their daily commute experiences.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Recharge Metro Card Using WhatsApp Chatbot?

To activate the WhatsApp chatbot and utilize its features, passengers in each city can follow specific instructions provided by their respective metro service providers.

The Whatsapp contact number is different for different states, and here is a list of all available States and respective





1. Start by sending a simple message saying ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’

How to recharge metro card using whatsapp

2. Once activated, users receive a message to choose their preferred language.

3. Now you get an option to book QR Tickets, Card Info & Recharges and More Options.

QR Tickets

How to recharge metro card using whatsapp

You can buy a QR ticket using Whatsapp as well. All you need to do is select the source and destination station. And once done you will receive the fare summary and a payment link will be provided. Once the payment is done you will receive a QR Code on WhatsApp that you can use to scan at the entry gate.

Card Info And Recharge

Recharge Metro Card WhatsApp

Here you need to register your metro card number and once done then you can manage your Metro card and recharge your metro card as well. For first-time users, you need to specify your name and your Metro Card number. Once registered, you shall be asked the amount you need to recharge your metro card with. You can complete your purchase using UPI and other payment options.

Other Options

Here you can manage your account, view metro routes, timetables, Fare Information, Check status of your recharge, modify Metro card and check favourite metro stations as well.

As this innovative solution gains traction, it is expected to expand to more cities. Ultimately benefiting millions of metro travellers across India. The success of this innovative solution in the initial cities where it has been implemented has laid the groundwork for its expansion to more cities across India. As the integration gains traction and proves its effectiveness. It is expected to be adopted by other metro networks, ultimately benefiting millions of metro travellers nationwide.

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