Airport Check-In Made Easy: No More Gadgets-In-Tray System in Airport. Here’s How!

- Updated: 11th Jan 2024, 17:28 IST
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    Hassle Of Gadgets-In-Tray System in Airport
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    What are CTX Machines?
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    Benefits Of CTX Machines? How Will They Change The Gadgets-In-Tray System?
    • Benefits Of CTX Machines
    • Change In The Gadgets-In-Tray System In Airport!
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    Conclusion: Seamless Travel Made Easy!

India is all set to revolutionize the travel experience in the first-ever move to kick out the gadgets-in-tray system in Airport check-in! This will be carried out in Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 and is all set to make way for a seamless and hassle-free flight journey! CTX Machines are set to revolutionize the way we navigate check-in procedures.

gadgets-in-tray system in Airport

Gone are the days of emptying our bags into trays and fumbling to remove laptops, tablets, and gadgets. The introduction of CTX Machines is transforming this experience, eliminating the need for gadgets in trays and streamlining the security process. In this article, we will learn all about the hassle of a gadgets-in-tray system and how we will change it with the help of CTX Machines.

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Hassle Of Gadgets-In-Tray System in Airport

We all have been there and done that! When we travel via flight, we only dread the cumbersome gadgets-in-tray system! Separating all your electronic devices at security checkpoints is a task. It’s genuinely laborious, from unpacking bags to removing laptops, phones, tablets, or other gadgets. On top of it, the legit fear of getting delayed and heightened never-ending stress levels! I feel you!

And why not? The whole gadgets-in-tray system in Airport disturbs the flow of check-ins, causing inconvenience to many people. Whenever I am there during check-ins, I have seen many passengers juggle to retrieve their devices, often causing a bottleneck at checkpoints.

On top of it, repacking all the devices adds to the chaos. This raises a lot of security concerns as well. There is always a risk of damaging or losing expensive gadgets during the screening process. It gets even worse when it’s happening during the peak travel hours.

Since the process has been happening for a long time and considering the ever-increasing number of people travelling by flight, it’s time for a change. Even age-old problems require modern solutions, which will also happen in this case. Introducing CTX Machines is essential to say goodbye to the traditional approach. It promises a seamless and hassle-free check-in experience for travellers.

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What are CTX Machines?

gadgets-in-tray system in Airport CTX Machines

CTX Machines are like super high-tech scanners used at airports for checking baggage. They’re not your typical gadgets-in-tray system in Airport for sure. These machines use something called Computer Tomography X-ray (that’s where the CTX comes from) to take really detailed pictures of your bag’s insides.

The best about CTX Machines is that you can say goodbye to the good old gadget-sin-tray system in airport. Yep, that’s right—no more struggling around with taking out your laptop, phone, or tablet and putting them in those trays. With CTX Machines, you just put your bag on the conveyor belt, and these machines do all the work.

They scan through your bag, check everything inside, and make sure everything’s safe without you having to take anything out. It’s like a super-fast, super-smart security check that makes the whole process way easier and faster for everyone.

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Benefits Of CTX Machines? How Will They Change The Gadgets-In-Tray System?

CTX Machines are a big deal because they’re making airport security way easier for everyone. Here are the benefits of CTX Machines:

Benefits Of CTX Machines

Here are the amazing benefits:

  1. No More Emptying Your Bag: With CTX Machines, you won’t have to unpack your gadgets into trays. Just put your travel bag on the conveyor belt, and the machine does the scanning without you having to take anything out, like in the gadgets-in-tray system in Airport.
  2. Faster and Easier Check-Ins: This means no more holding up the line to empty your bag or worrying about putting everything back in a rush. It’s a quicker process so you can get through security faster and with less hassle.
  3. Better Security, Less Stress: CTX machines give security teams a better view of what’s in your bag, which helps them make sure everything’s safe without causing extra stress. 
  4. Smoother Travel Experience: CTX Machines are changing the game by making airport security smoother and less annoying. You’ll spend less time worrying about taking out and putting back your gadgets and more time getting ready for your trip.

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Change In The Gadgets-In-Tray System In Airport!

Let us try to understand the change these new CTX Machines are going to bring with the help of this table:

AspectTraditional SecurityCTX Machines
Baggage ScreeningDevices taken out for individual screeningDevices stay in the bag, scanned inside the bag.
Process EfficiencySlower due to device separationFaster, streamlined process without device separation
Security EnhancementStandard scanningDetailed and comprehensive scanning without removal
Traveller ExperienceStressful and delays in unpacking/ packingReduced stress, quicker check-ins, smoother process
Overall ImpactInconvenient, occasional bottlenecksImproved efficiency, enhanced security
Traditional Gadgets-in-tray system in Airport and CTX Machines!

As you can see from the above table, the traditional security measures have the advantages of CTX Machines. Significant improvements in process efficiency, security enhancement, and overall traveller experience introduced by CTX Machines in Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 eliminate the need for a gadgets-in-trays system in Airport.

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Conclusion: Seamless Travel Made Easy!

In the end, I can say that this is revolutionary in its true sense! Saying goodbye to the ages-old gadgets-in-tray system in Airport is not an easy task. I am sure there will be a few challenges along the way. Nevertheless, it is a good move as it is going to help with security concerns, delays, and many more things!

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It is a need of the hour, and I hope to see this in more Airports across the nation! What do you think about this move? Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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