Xiaomi HyperOS Announced In India: Eligibility, Rollout Schedule

- Updated: 29th Feb 2024, 16:25 IST
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    HyperOS Debuts In India, Features Revealed
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    HyperOS Rollout Schedule

Xiaomi has unveiled its HyperOS skin in India, which replaces the 13-year-old MIUI found on its devices. Furthermore, the company plans to build a human-centric operating system with HyperOS, which is designed with interoperability and seamless connectivity between different devices in mind. The HyperOS skin brings plenty of new features and is based on the Xiaomi Vela system to offer improved performance. Here is everything you need to know about this new operating system.

HyperOS Debuts In India, Features Revealed

HyperOS enables cross device functionality

The new Xiaomi HyperOS update in India improves performance thanks to kernel-level optimization that enhances processing speeds and reduces delays. Moreover, the new HyperOS supports 200+ processor platforms and hardware categories apart from 20+ file systems to work across smartphones, homes and cars.

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The main functionality of Xiaomi HyperOS in India is that it operates across various devices, allowing users to sync and share files. In addition, HyperOS uses AI to offer personalized recommendations to users.

Xiaomi HyperOS Customization

You also get better customization features with HyperOS in India, with the ability to customize the lock screen by choosing different fonts, texts, dates, times, wallpapers and style options. Moreover, multiple effects such as Classic, Rhombus and Magazine provide thousands of combinations.

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The HyperOS update in India is based on Xiaomi’s Alive Design philosophy, which uses vibrant colours and a new font called Mi Sans. This font supports over 600 languages, 20 writing systems and 100,000 glyphs.

There is also the introduction of HyperConnect, which allows features like screen mirroring, shared clipboard and the phone’s camera integration with the Notes app. You also get a productivity mode so users can create and collaborate.

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Another noteworthy HyperOS feature is Gallery AI, which ensures fast and efficient photo editing while maintaining user privacy. These features include AI Removal, AI Portrait and Generative AI. It will roll out to select Xiaomi devices soon, allowing users to showcase their creativity.

HyperOS Rollout Schedule


The HyperOS update will arrive in India on the following Xiaomi devices in March 2024:

Furthermore, the HyperOS update will roll out to the following Xiaomi devices in Q2 2024:

The HyperOS update is already available for the following devices in India:

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Highlights of the Story

  • Xiaomi has unveiled its HyperOS update in India, which replaces the decade-old MIUI skin.
  • The HyperOS update brings new customization features apart from improved performance.
  • The update will start rolling out from March 2024 to all eligible devices.

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