These Could Be 1st Phones To Support 120 FPS In BGMI 3.2 Update

- Updated: 8th Jun 2024, 19:21 IST
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    Samsung Releases List of 120 FPS Supported Devices In PUBG Mobile/BGMI

The upcoming BGMI 3.2 update will bring the much-awaited 120 FPS support to phones. Furthermore, the global version of the game PUBG Mobile has already received the 3.2 update with 120 FPS support. Since BGMI is the Indian version of the same game, devices capable of running at high frames in PUBG are likely to do so in BGMI.Samsung has announced its first list of 120 FPS-supported devices for PUBG Mobile, and here’s everything you need to know about them.

Samsung Releases List of 120 FPS Supported Devices In PUBG Mobile/BGMI

Samsung Release 1st List of Devices To Support 120 FPS In BGMI

Samsung announced in a community post that its list of devices will be capable of running BGMI at 120 FPS. Furthermore, it will include the Samsung Galaxy S23 series and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

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In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be the first foldable phone to support 120 FPS in PUBG/BGMI. This will be the first list of devices to support 120 FPS in BGMI:

Furthermore, the company has revealed that the 120 FPS mode optimisation will be included in the latest version of the Game Optimization (GOS) and Game Booster. Both apps are pre-installed on Samsung phones and tablets.

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However, it is unclear whether more Samsung devices, including its flagship Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series, will receive this optimisation for BGMI and PUBG.

The BGMI 3.2 update will be based on the 3.2 update of its global counterpart, PUBG Mobile. It will offer 120 FPS support and likely bring a new theme, game modes, gameplay elements, and more.

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Abhay Rajpoot

30 Days ago
Hello my phone is oneplus 10 pro which have snapdragon 8gen 1  processor  does it support 120fps in bgmi   in my phone or not if not tell me why it is a flagship phone of that time I I bought this for gaming  now if it is not supporting 120 fps in bgmi it is such a waste of money

Highlights of the Story

  • Samsung has announced its first list of devices to support 120 FPS in PUBG Mobile.
  • These include the Galaxy S23, S24 series and Z Fold 5.
  • Since PUBG Mobile is the global version of BGMI, we can expect these devices to support 120 FPS in the game.

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