Now Livestream And Play Games On Instagram With This New Feature

- Updated: 26th Feb 2024, 17:19 IST
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    Instagram Games Currently In Beta Testing

Instagram is a constantly evolving social media platform, and the Meta-owned company likes to introduce new features for its users. If you are someone who likes to host live sessions on the social media platform, here is some good news for you.

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Instagram is working on a new feature allowing users to livestream and play games with their audience. This beta feature, which is currently in testing, will certainly make the platform more interactive.

Instagram Games Currently In Beta Testing

Instagram Games Currently In Beta Testing
Credit: Ahmed Ghanem on Threads

Threads user Ahmed Ghanem has revealed that Instagram is testing a new Games feature where users can livestream games while playing them with their audience. Furthermore, this feature will include two games, This or That and Trivia, that users can play with their audience during a live session.

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The This or That game will offer two choices to users and will include 15 fresh questions to answer daily. This game aims to let your Instagram audience know you better by choosing between two different choices on a livestream.

Similarly, the Trivia game will allow you to answer various topics, from pop culture to science, chosen randomly. Moreover, people can comment and guess the correct answers, or the user can team up with a co-host.

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These games seem inspired by the popular HQ Trivia game, which is now discontinued. Currently, Instagram is rolling out the livestream games feature to a small set of audiences, with a broader rollout expected in the upcoming days.

Furthermore, livestreaming and playing games with your Instagram audience sounds fun and interesting and makes any live session more engaging. Moreover, the idea of playing games with your celebrities or influencers can certainly enthuse any Instagram user.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Instagram is testing a new feature allowing you to livestream or play games with your audience.
  • The new feature called Instagram Games will offer a new way to engage with your viewers.
  • It is currently in beta testing and will soon rollout to all users.

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