Huge Discount On Apple iPhone 15, Buy It In Just 14,999 Rupees!

- Updated: 13th Apr 2024, 18:15 IST
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    Apple iPhone 15 Discount Price

Some of us dream of buying an Apple iPhone 15 and eagerly waiting for a discount on it. Many of us looking to upgrade our phones. I have good news for you if you want to buy or upgrade your phone. Right now, the Apple iPhone 15 is selling at a huge discount on Flipkart Mega Saving Days. In this sale, you can buy your dream phone for just 14,999 rupees. To know how to make a good deal, let’s read the complete article.

Mega Saving Days sale

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Apple iPhone 15 Discount Price

The Apple iPhone 15 is currently one of the best-selling iPhone models. The Mega Saving Days sale is now on Flipkart. So, it is currently listed on Flipkart for Rs 65,999 after a discount of Rs 11,901. Additionally, you can avail of a discount of Rs 1,500 on EMI deals with Citi-branded credit cards. So, this brings the price of the Apple iPhone 15 down to Rs 64,499.

Mega Saving Days sale

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Flipkart encourages you to sell your old phone and get a better deal on a new phone. This e-commerce platform offers exchange offers of up to Rs 50,000. This isn’t just a marketing gimmick; you can actually trade in your iPhone 14 Pro Max and get a big discount like this. Apple iPhone 15 price is further reduced to Rs 14,499. This means he can get an Apple iPhone 15 for Rs 14,499 after a discount of Rs 51,500 on Flipkart sale with all bank offers and discounts.

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