Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant Will Get This New AI Feature: All Details!

- Updated: 21st Sep 2023, 14:29 IST
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    Amazon Alexa Gets New AI Feature To Sound Natural And Conversational
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    Alexa Gets New Accessibility Features

At its annual fall event, Amazon launched a new generation of Echo and Fire TV devices. The company also announced a new AI feature to add ChatGPT-like capabilities to its Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

It will use a new generative AI based on a large language learning model to make it more conversational like other Chatbots. These features will also arrive on older Echo devices, including the Echo Plus, the first device to debut with the Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon Alexa Gets New AI Feature To Sound Natural And Conversational

Alexa will sound more conversational and Natural

The new Alexa will be more conversational and natural than before, with the ability to fetch real-time information and understand complex requests. Using the microphones and sensors on the device, Alexa will sound more natural during a conversation. Furthermore, the response will be more relevant to the topic and will offer updated info. Customers in the US can soon access these capabilities by saying, “Alexa, let’s chat”.

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Using the new LLM model, Alexa can also handle multiple smart home requests at once. This means that it can now understand your request when it does not match the specific device names and spaces.

For example, Alexa will dim the lights in your current room when you say, “Alexa, it’s too bright here”. Similarly, you can command “Alexa, close all the blinds, and turn off all the lights, except for the ones in the living room” to simultaneously trigger multiple actions. This will close all lights and binds while keeping the ones in the living room on.

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You can also set Alexa routines using the voice assistant; you no longer need your smartphone to set it up. It will offer personalized recommendations that will get better over time thanks to the new LLM model. Furthermore, you can now ask Alexa follow-up questions, and it will answer them just like Google Assistant.

Alexa Gets New Accessibility Features

Alexa New Eye Gaze Accessibility features

The company has also added accessibility features like Eye Gaze, allowing users with motor disabilities to activate Alex with their eyes. Users can perform Alexa actions like playing music and controlling smart home devices by simply looking at the camera of their Fire 11 Max tablet. This feature will be available in US, UK, Germany and Japan.

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Another noteworthy feature is Call Translation, which can translate Alexa audio and video calls in real time. It can be useful for the deaf and those with weak listening capabilities to communicate with their loved ones easily. It will be available on the Echo Show and Alexa mobile app with support for ten languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. The feature will roll out to users living in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

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There is also an Emergency Assist feature that will be triggered with “Alexa, call for help”, and it will allow you to get fast access to help hands-free through your Echo device. This paid service includes 24/7 Urgent Response, Smart Alerts and Emergency Contacts to get you the fastest help possible. It will cost $5.59 per month or $59 annually for new customers in the US. Alexa Guard Plus customers can avail this service for $4.49 monthly or $49.99 yearly.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Amazon has announced a new generation of Echo and Fire TV devices at its annual fall event.
  • The company also unveiled new AI capabilities for its Alexa voice assistant.
  • Alexa will sound more natural and conversational and can handle complex requests and follow-up questions.