Your Refurbished Mobile Phone Will Run Smoothly For This Timespan

- Updated: 10th Apr 2024, 16:41 IST
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    Factors Affecting The Lifespan of Refurbished Phones
    • Hardware Issues
    • Condition of the Phone
    • Usage Patterns
    • Increasing Lifespan of Refurbished Phones
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    The Best Part About Refurbished Phones
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Refurbished mobile phones are merely used devices that have been given a fresh opportunity. They offer an intelligent way to cut costs on a smartphone. More impressively, the lifespan of refurbished phone can often match or even surpass brand-new ones. Most people argue that refurbished mobile phones provide better value for money because they are cheaper and come with warranty coverage. Cashify’s policy for refurbished phones aims to convince more buyers to choose this eco-friendly option.

Factors Affecting The Lifespan of Refurbished Phones

Various factors affect the lifespan of refurbished mobile, including its age, condition, and usage.

Hardware Issues

Second-hand phones might contain outdated hardware and software, which affects their speed as well as reliability. But this is not the case with Cashify. Refurbished phones from Cashify have genuine parts, making them a better choice for you. Furthermore, they also come with up to six months’ warranty.

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Condition of the Phone

The physical state of refurbished phones plays a vital role in raising their lifespan. Phones in better shape usually do not have any harm, defect, or mistakes related to both hardware and software levels. Retailers normally rate them according to the conditions in which they are sold as second-hand goods. Cashify offers three condition categories: Good, Fair, and Superb, which define how well a phone has been cared for and its internal maintenance.

Usage Patterns

How you employ your mobile phone can significantly influence its quality. Dropping a phone more often or exposing it to harsh environments can reduce its life. Handling your phone with care is the best way to extend its life.

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Increasing Lifespan of Refurbished Phones

While you can’t change the age of your phone, there are steps you can follow to increase its lifetime.

  • Protect Your Phone: Protecting your device from external damage is key. Installing protective cases and screen guards helps prevent major damage. Regular cleaning especially for port dust and dirt also works wonders.
  • Update Software Regularly: Software updates which usually contain security patches as well as bug fixes play an important role in keeping up the performance of your phone. Setting your phone to update automatically will keep it running smoothly while protecting against possible hacking possibilities.

The Best Part About Refurbished Phones

The lifespan of refurbished phones may be as long as fresh ones, but they are less pricey and include a warranty. Here’s how they can still be worth considering.

  • Affordability: These are more affordable than new models as they have been previously used and then restored. This means better access to good-quality smartphones.
  • Warranty: A big benefit of buying refurbished phones is the accompanying warranty. Cashify, for instance, provides up to six-month warranty periods that offer customers peace of mind and protection of their money spent on such items.
  • Quality: Certified technicians test and repair refurbished phones to meet stringent standards. The features and functioning of these devices remain intact which makes them ideal choices for smart shoppers.
  • Best Price: Cashify offers you refurbished devices at the best price in the market. It not only provides a warranty of six months but also offers replacement/ refund options for its customers. You can also buy your refurbished mobile phones on no-interest EMI.

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Apart from being cost-effective, refurbished phones are also environmentally friendly. Everyone can find their perfect phone match with Cashify’s range of outright purchases or EMI-based payment options. By taking proper care, you can increase the lifespan of refurbished phones. Warranties, reasonable prices, and high quality make refurbished phones from Cashify a wise option for any buyer.

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  • Refurbished phones are pocket-friendly when compared to new ones without sacrificing quality.
  • Have some peace of mind with warranty options provided by Cashify that protect against potential issues.
  • Here is a stepwise guide for how to increase the life of refurbished phone.