How To Refund and Return a Steam Game or In-Game Purchases: A Guide.

- Updated: 18th Nov 2021, 05:49 IST
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    Refundable Purchases on Steam
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    When Can You Refund A Steam Game or In-Game Purchase?
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    DLC Refunds On Steam Store
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    Refund In-Game Purchases
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    Refunds on Pre-Ordered Games
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    Steam Wallet Refunds
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    Renewable Subscriptions
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    Bundle Refunds
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    Steam Games Purchased Outside of Steam
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    VAC Ban Means No Refund

Bought a new game on Steam and found that it cannot run on your system due to bugs, glitches, or hardware incompatibility issues? Maybe it did run, but you did not like the game and want your money back? Any of these scenarios can be irritating. That’s why this handy guide by Cashify covers everything you need to know about how to refund or return a Steam Game or an in-game purchase!

Please note that for every refund, there is a time period of 48 hours which is fairly sufficient to notice if there are any problems with the game installation compatibility or your experience.

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Let’s begin!

Refundable Purchases on Steam

You can ask for a refund for nearly anything you bought on Steam for any reason! Via, you can lodge a request to issue a refund within the required return period. In case of a Steam game refund, the title should have been played for under two hours. 

While we have covered all scenarios below, even if your refund request is outside of specified rules, you can request a refund regardless and Steam will look into it.

You will receive a full refund of your steam game or in-game purchase within a week after the approval of your request. You’ll get the refund in your Steam Wallet, or via the same payment method via which you made the purchase. 

If Steam can’t refund via your main payment method, your Steam Wallet will receive the money. (Payment methods available to you in your country may or may not support refunding via the original payment method. Click here for details.)

When Can You Refund A Steam Game or In-Game Purchase?

Games and software applications on the Steam store may be refunded within two weeks of purchase and with under two hours of playtime.

Below is an overview of how other types of purchases are refunded, and on what parameters.

DLC Refunds On Steam Store

Downloadable Content (DLC) for another game or app purchased on the Steam Store is refundable within fourteen days of purchase, and if the main game has been played for under two hours since the DLC was purchased. The DLC should also not be consumed, modified or transferred. 

However, in some cases, Steam does not give refunds on some 3rd party DLC (such as if the DLC permanently levels up a game or character). These exceptions are specified as nonrefundable on the Steam Store page before purchase.

Refund In-Game Purchases

Steam can refund in-game purchases for any games developed by Valve-developed within 48 hours of purchase, but as before, the in-game items should not be used up, changed or transferred. Third-party developers may or may not enable refunds for in-game items on similar terms. 

Steam will notify you while making your purchase if the developer offers refunds on the in-game items you are buying, or not. Although usually, in-game purchases in games not made by Valve are not refundable via Steam, from their home sites.

Refunds on Pre-Ordered Games

After pre-ordering a game on Steam and paying in advance, you may request a refund before the title is live. The 14-day/two-hour standard refund period is also applicable, beginning from the game’s launch date.

Steam Wallet Refunds

If you want to refund your Steam Wallet funds, contact Steam Support within 14 days of purchase.

Renewable Subscriptions

If the items in a renewable subscription have not been used in the current billing cycle, you may request a refund within 48 hours of the initial purchase or within 48 hours of the automatic renewal transaction. 

On Steam, content is tagged ‘used’ if any games or apps within the subscription are played in the current billing cycle. Same if any items included with the subscription have been used, altered, or transferred.

You may cancel an active subscription at any time by visiting your Steam account details. Once cancelled, your subscription will not automatically renew. But, you will keep your access to the content and subscription till the end of your current billing cycle.

Bundle Refunds

You can get a refund on any bundle purchased on the Steam Store, as long as none of the items in the bundle are transferred, and if the total use time for all the items in the bundle is under two hours. If a Steam bundle has a non-refundable in-game item or Downloadable Content, Steam will tell you as you check out.

Steam Games Purchased Outside of Steam

Steam will not provide refunds for purchases made outside of Steam, even if the game links to Steam. (such as CD keys, Steam wallet cards, or CDs purchased from third parties).

VAC Ban Means No Refund

If your game account gets a ban by the VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat system), you lose the right to refund that Steam Game.

That was all you needed to know about How to Refund and Return a Steam Game or an In-Game Purchase! Tell us which game you wanted to refund, and why in the comments below!

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