If you want to know how to get free crates in BGMI, you’re not alone. Crates are a good option when you want to acquire in-game items. They offer you good cosmetic items that you can keep in your account or apply to your avatar. Although these decorative items may not help you in-game, it…2022-10-11 17:58:14How To Get Free Crates in BGMI?

How To Get Free Crates in BGMI?

Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 17:58 IST
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    Steps to get free crates in BGMI
    • From Missions
    • From Events
    • From the Shop
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    Season Rewards
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If you want to know how to get free crates in BGMI, you’re not alone. Crates are a good option when you want to acquire in-game items. They offer you good cosmetic items that you can keep in your account or apply to your avatar. Although these decorative items may not help you in-game, it increases the value of your account. This is especially useful if you plan to sell your BGMI accounts in the near future.

The items that you can find in these free crates in BGMI are updated frequently. This ensures that you’re never bored with your character’s wardrobe. The best players who stream online on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube often spend plenty of UC (Unknown Cash) in the game. However, that’s not always required, as casual players can collect crate coupons to better their Battle Royale experience. There are quite a few crate types in BGMI, with Special Event Crates and Custom Crates being the Premium crates. The best part about these Premium crates is that they provide you with Legendary or Epic equipment if you get lucky.

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Steps to get free crates in BGMI

When you’re looking for free crates, it’s always better to slog for a little while to get access to Premium crates. The Premium crates can be acquired through a Premium crate coupon (which you can buy). You can also collect Premium crates coupon scraps and exchange them for a full Premium crate coupon later. You’ll have to be vigilant in Missions and Events to get these coupons. You could also check the in-game Shop or wait for the Season Reward.

From Missions

While it’s challenging to get full Premium crate coupons just from completing missions, you can quickly get Premium crate coupon scraps. When you check the Progress Missions section under the Missions tab, you’ll notice that you’re rewarded after crossing a level. Each level you progress through will give you coupon scraps and other items such as Battle Points. You could also check the Achievements section under the Missions tab. The Achievement missions are completed once you perform specific tasks in the matches. Once you complete the missions, you’ll be rewarded with titles such as Sharpshooter and Overachiever. In addition, you will get Premium crate coupon scraps. You might even get an entire Premium Crate coupon if you’re lucky!

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From Events

Since BGMI is constantly updated with new rewards, in-game items, and Special Events, you should keep watch over them. Certain Events are highly likely to reward you with Premium crate coupon scraps or entire Premium Crate Coupons. These present an easy way to get some rare and valuable in-game items. However, you’ll have to be a regular player at the game and keep a constant eye on the Special Events.

From the Shop

The in-game Shop is the hub for microtransactions in BGMI. Although you can’t get UC in-game without third-party transactions, there are multiple free ways to get UC in BGMI. This presents a rather indirect way to get free crates in BGMI. However, this method works, albeit a bit slower. In the Shop hub, go to the Treasure section. From there, you can open some limited boxes using your in-game UC. To get a Premium Crate Coupon, you’ll have to purchase 10 Premium crate coupon scraps. The price of each premium crate coupon scrap is usually 12 UC. This makes your total cost of the Premium Crate Coupon 120 UC.

If you have Silver Fragments, you can redeem those too. Under the Shops tab, you’ll find the Redeem option. A Premium crate coupon scrap sells for 20 Silver Fragments. You can buy five coupon scraps in a working day. This means you’ll have to spend quite a lot to get your Premium Crate Coupon.

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Season Rewards

Season Rewards present the best way to get free crates in BGMI. While smaller in-game achievements will reward you with normal crates, the Premium crates can be found at the end of the Season. Your Season Reward will depend entirely on how much you’ve played and how well you’ve played. In other words, if you want a Premium free crate in BGMI, you’ll need to have a high tier and level. The higher the achievements, level, and tier, the better your chances are of getting Premium crate coupons. You’ll also get AG currencies, Battle Points, and Silver Fragments to get you started well for the next Season.


The final way to get excellent free crates in BGMI is to acquire enough Premium crate coupon scraps and combine them to produce one whole Premium Crate Coupon. You’ll need 10 coupon scraps for one Premium Crate Coupon. Once you have the required number of coupon scraps, you can go to the Inventory screen in your game lobby and check the Box section. Find your Premium Crate Coupon Scrap section and check if you have the option to combine them. Click on the “Combine” button, and you’ll have your Premium Crate Coupon.

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Although the normal crates are easy to get in BGMI, it’s the Premium crates that you’ll have to work towards. These crates can offer Mythic, Legendary, or Epic equipment at every 5th, 15th, and 25th crate that you open. We’d recommend you save your Premium crate coupons as much as possible; at least until you have 10 of them. Until then, keep following these tips to get free crates in BGMI.

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  • Looking for free crates in BGMI? With this article, you’ll find multiple methods on how to get the best Premium crates!
  • These crates are updates quite frequently and can provide Mythic, Legendary, or Epic gear.

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