Get Your Oppo A54’s Screen Repaired Easily

- Updated: 31st May 2023, 11:13 IST
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    1. Through Cashify Repair Service
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    2. Oppo Service Centre
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The Oppo A54 is a cost-effective smartphone that provides a dependable and practical mobile experience. It is simple to handle and transport due to its small size and comfortable grip. The device’s user interface is intuitive, making it easy for you to use programmes and complete activities. No matter how wonderful the phone is, normal wear and tear will eventually occur.

Screen damage is one type of such harm. In the age of smartphones, screen damage is more frequent than ever. As screens get bigger, accidental drops and collisions frequently cause cracked displays. The Oppo A54’s bezel-less design also increases their susceptibility to harm. Let’s talk about some easy ways to get it fixed.

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1. Through Cashify Repair Service

Among the many smartphone users who depend on Cashify’s excellent services, it is highly trusted. Cashify has established a strong reputation for constantly providing its clients with items of the highest calibre. The same holds true for repairs. Only authentic components are offered, and those too come with a warranty and a return window.

So, let us see the easy steps to avail of the Cashify repair service at your doorstep.

To get the battery of your Oppo A54, visit the Cashify mobile repair site and follow these steps.

  1. Create your account on the Cashify app.
  2. Go to the repair section on the app.
  3. Choose the Oppo option.
  4. Select the model of you’re phone, i.e. Oppo A54 and get redirected to the repair service page.
  5. Choose the different colour variants of the phone. (Moonlight Gold, Starry Blue and Crystal Black)
  6. On the Oppo repair page, choose the screen option and schedule a visit with a technician.
  7. The charges for screen repair are ₹3,199 only.
  8. A Cashify technician will visit you within the next few days to provide on-site smartphone repair services.
  9. You can see the repair process firsthand as they fix your device in your home.

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2. Oppo Service Centre

An authorised Oppo service centre is another excellent choice for getting your Oppo A54 screen repaired. The steps are simple.

  1. It may be necessary for you to check in at a physical location or schedule an appointment online.
  2. To initiate the repair process, you may need to drop off your phone at the centre.
  3. The phone can be collected by you after the necessary repairs have been made.
  4. It might cost you around a week’s time.
  5. The repair cost at the store will be ₹4,160
  6. To guarantee the quality of the repair, you will receive genuine components for your device along with a warranty.


The final decision rests with you, based on your choices. While experts frequently advise using Cashify to save time and money, many people also choose to use the service centre. Make an informed choice based on what best fits your needs after giving it some thought.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Are you dealing with Oppo A54 Screen Issues? Don’t worry, Cashify has got your back.
  • Schedule an appointment and get your device fixed by a Cashify representative.
  • All of this at heavy discounts, with a 7-day return window and a 6-month warranty.

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