How To Repair iPhone 12 Mini Back Panel

- Updated: 27th Nov 2023, 10:22 IST
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    Steps to repair iPhone 12 mini back panel:
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    Choosing between apple service centers and cashify mobile repair

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini is an exceptional smartphone with many amazing features. It caters to the needs of consumers who prefer a smaller flagship phone. If you love the size of previous iPhones, this model may be a good upgrade for you. The iPhone 12 Mini has almost all the same flagship features as the iPhone 12, except for a smaller battery and slower wireless charging. The display is smaller, but its quality is excellent and just as dense as the iPhone 12.

However, if the back panel of your phone is damaged, it can affect its appearance and leave a bad impression. The first thing people notice about your phone is its appearance. If you are looking for ways to repair your back panel, you have come to the right place.

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Steps to repair iPhone 12 mini back panel:

Firstly, you must have to visit Cashify mobile repair to fix your OnePlus. Now, Just follow these simple steps:

  1. First you need to create a Cashify account and provide your phone details.
  2. Now go to the Back Panel repair section of the website and put the brand of your phone, in this case, you have to fill up the Apple brand.
  3. Now select the phone model and you’ll be taken to the Apple Repair & Replacement page. Here, select the colour of the device.
  4. On the Apple iPhone 12 Mini Back Panel repair page, select the Back Panel option and book your repair appointment.
  5. Cashify offers services at very affordable prices. iPhone 12 Mini Back Panel repair will only cost you Rs 3,099. 
  6. In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, Cashify only uses genuine spare parts for its repair services. And that’s why there is a three-month manufacturer’s warranty on all parts.
  7. Cashify also offers a door repair service, where a professional service agent comes to your home and fixes your smartphone charging jack right in front of you.

Choosing between apple service centers and cashify mobile repair

Apple Service Centers are widely known for their quality service, but their costs can be substantial. For instance, repairing components like the back panel on an iPhone can lead to expenses exceeding Rs. 5,000. However, users can be assured of genuine parts and skilled technicians by choosing an Apple Service Centre. This premium service comes at a premium price, and users must locate and physically visit an authorized Apple store, which may only be feasible for some. Furthermore, Apple may not offer repairs for certain issues beyond a certain threshold, pushing users to explore alternative solutions.

On the other hand, Cashify provides users with an affordable alternative for iPhone repairs. The platform offers competitive pricing, making it a compelling option for users on a budget. Unlike Apple Service Centers, Cashify offers doorstep pickup and delivery services, thus making it more convenient for users. Users can schedule a convenient time for their device to be picked up and returned after repairs.

In conclusion, the choice between Apple Service Centers and Cashify for iPhone repairs involves a trade-off between official services and budget considerations. While Apple Service Centers guarantee quality and authenticity, Cashify provides an affordable and convenient alternative for users seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising service quality. Ultimately, the decision depends on individual preferences, budget constraints, and the urgency of the repair.

Cashify offers the latest information about all smartphones worldwide. For more information about Apple iPhone 12 Mini specifications, features, tips and tricks, and related news, please visit our product page.


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  • Looking to repair the back panel of your iPhone 12 Mini? Always choose Cahify.
  • Cashify will provide you with a repair service at your home at a very affordable price.

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