Garena Free Fire Hacks To Make You Forget PubG

- Updated: 14th Sep 2020, 08:37 IST

The ban on PUBG in our country has led to a rise in popularity of other gaming apps such as Garena Free Fire,  making it top gainers in terms of download after the  Indian government announced the ban in the month of  September. Garena’s Free Fire is recently one of the most popular mobile games in the whole world. As per a survey report of August 2019, Free Fire has over 450 million registered users and over 50 million daily active players. Beginners who are just starting with Free Fire game might feel confused playing against gamers who are much more experienced.

If you’re new to the game, and possibly the battle royale genre as a whole. So here’s a quick rundown. Garena Free Fire puts you against forty-nine other players in a battle for survival. You are dropped on an unknown island it’s up to you to pick a landing spot, find weapons and resources and defeat all other players. Sounds simple ok. We assure you, it is not like that. We tried playing the game and have come up with a few tips and tricks that can help you be the last person standing.

It’s much important to know the do’s and dont’s of any game before you start playing it and here we provide few tips for gamers who are just starting with Free Fire.

garena free fire tips

The Right Character Choice

As your progress through this  game, you unlock lots of characters that you can choose to play as. Each of them come with a special ability that can give you the edge in battle field. All you need to do is know the type of gameplay you are comfortable and choose a character accordingly.

Use The Minimap To Your Advantage

The minimap shows any nearby players that are targeting. This should be up to you, or at another player. However, the map will not only show you the location of the enemy, but also the direction in which they are shooting. This means that you can actually sneak up behind an opponent attacking party and take them out.

Your Reticle Is Your Friend

One best aspect of Garena Free Fire is that your reticle choose and  changes colour the moment an enemy is in the crosshair. That means you can use it to ‘scan’ areas where you think an enemy may be. If it changes the colour, an enemy is in your own sight. Then you can fire and get a few hits on the target.

Burst Fire To Success

While the game has recoil, it’s not exactly reflected when using the weapons. So when you fire your weapons, your reticle does not bounce around as it does in a game like PUBG, even when you’re facing down the sights. This means that you should be able to locate your enemies without much trouble.

Use Objects For Cover

It’s much common for young people playing PUBG Mobile to immediately go prone the time someone is firing at them. That’s not going to work in Garena Free Fire as there is hardly any grass fo you to hide in. So it’s better to dash off from cover-to-cover. This could be between the buildings and trees on the way to the circle and possible victory.

Know When To Fire

As with any other battle-related game, it’s much important to realise that it’s not about getting the most number of kills. It’s about your survival. So it’s perfectly nice to sit in a corner and wait till the end. If you have to shoot, make sure that it’s either in self-defence, or you’re guaranteed a death. As it is mentioned before, the minimap will not only give away your place but also your orientation. Remember, you may kill 48 people on the map and still lose as the other person just needs one kill.


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