Snapchat has a cool feature known as Snapstreak, which basically is the number of days that you have been sending snaps to your friends on the app. The only way to maintain snapstreak is to send snaps every day, every hour, or every once in a while; there is no other way around. Snapchat users take it as some serious commitment with a lot of fun added in the form of lenses, effects and filters. But what if this fun ends? What if, for some reason, the snapstreak is just broken? Well, those who make streaks on a regular basis will identify it as a terrible incident.

But here is the thing- you can get the lost snapstreak back. So, if you have lost a streak or fear losing one, keep yourself updated with this simple hack. Read this article to the end to get your answer.

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How To Get Started with Snapstreak?

If you are hearing this word for the time, let me tell you- Snapstreak is a fun way to stay in touch with your friends and family. You can begin a snapstreak by sending photos or videos to your Snapchat friends. But remember, these photos or videos have to be in the “Viewed once” format. Keep doing this for three consecutive days, and your Snapstreak will begin.

Once the streak has started, you can see a fire emoji along with the number of days next to the person’s name. Snapchat also warns you with a symbol of an hourglass on the chat, reminding you to send snaps to your friends.

Note: Text messages, emojis, stickers, and pictures sent from the gallery do not count as a snapstreak.

Steps To Restore Lost Snapstreak on Snapchat

Due to some unfortunate events or accident, you might lose the Snapstreak; here’s how you can get it back:

  1. Open Snapchat on your Android or iOS device.

2. Next, tap on your Bitmoji in the top-left corner. On the next screen, tap n the Settings icon.


3. Now, scroll down a bit to find the Support Section. There, click on the I Need Help section.

snapchat support

4. Then, you will find a list of options with possible issues. Select the “My Snapstreak disappeared” option.

snapchat streaks support

5. This will provide you with a form that you need to fill in order to let Snapchat help you. The form includes your name, email, phone number, device name, and the friend’s name with whom the streak got lost.

snapchat support

6. Finally, fill in the details, enter the Captcha and hit the Send button.

snapchat support

After assessing your request, Snapchat will help you recover the days or years lost streak back.

Note: You must not make this option a habit, as, after two attempts, Snapchat is most likely to turn down your requests.

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