ESPN Plus: Is It Worth It, Pricing, What It Includes, And More!

- Updated: 16th Dec 2021, 01:26 IST

ESPN is something you might be familiar with if you are an avid sports fan. The company has been developing an alternate on-demand streaming service in the form of ESPN Plus to house exclusive live streams for some sports. The service offers traditional live coverage of sports as seen on cable broadcasts as well as some ESPN insider content and on-demand videos.

It is a lot different from other streaming services like Amazon Prime video on Netflix because it offers both live content and recorded content. All of these can be streamed using different devices from the ESPN app or website. While it does not feature all the sports it is particularly a great choice for fans of Soccer, Baseball, UFC, Hockey and many more.

How does ESPN Plus work?

ESPN Plus interface

Similar to other streaming services all you need to do is download the app on any supported device and choose the content you want to watch. In case you have chosen live broadcast content you also have the option to start your stream at the beginning of the broadcast as well. 

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Both the website and app have intuitive interfaces which makes it very easy to find something to watch. The first row showcases the live content and subsequent rows have other recorded content that you can pick from. Navigate to the menu to find different categories for access stats and Analytics. 

ESPN Plus: Website | Android App | iOS App

What do you need to use ESPN Plus?

ESPN has mentioned a minimum connection speed of 2 Mbps on its website but if you want to stream consistently in good quality you may want a faster connection. With the required speed, you may have to face buffering while watching a live soccer match. What puts more strain on your internet connection is that most of the content is streamed at 60fps. 

On the other hand, this is lower compared to what Netflix requires for streaming HD content. There is no official number on how much data will be consumed but you can expect to use around 3GB per hour based on what other platforms use. 

How much does ESPN Plus cost?

ESPN Plus bundle

Sadly the streaming service does not offer any free trials but you do get the freedom to share your account with others as it supports the option to stream three simultaneous screens at a time.

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There are two core subscription plans for ESPN Plus which are a monthly pass and an annual pass. But plans have recently received a minor price increase.

  • The monthly plan will cost you $6.99 per month with a minimum term of a month after which you can cancel the plan at any point
  • The annual plan which is for 12 months will cost you $69.99 per year which represents a significant saving compared to the monthly option. 

There is also a Disney + bundle which provides you with membership for ESPN Plus, Disney+, and Hulu streaming services all in one package just for $13 a month. But watching ESPN live channels will require your paid TV subscription whether it is from satellite cable or a live TV streaming service. The app requires users to sign in with their TV provider account in order to watch live content. 

What devices support ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus devices

A wide variety of devices support ESPN Plus so you should be able to stream your content on any screen in your house. Both Android and iOS devices can access services using the ESPN app and it also comes with the ability to cast live streams onto a device like Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Best swimming service is also supported by nearly all of the available browsers on the market including Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS. Even many of the gaming consoles, Smart TVs, and set up boxes are supported as well. 

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Is ESPN Plus worth it?

Whether ESPN Plus is worth it or not depends upon how much of a sports fan you are. For just $6.99 a month it is significantly less expensive than many of the streaming services present out there but it also offers less content. 

The streaming service is one of the best platforms to watch sports like boxing and Soccer as the leaves from all around the globe signs deal with stream games on the service. But in the case of NFL games or NBA games, you won’t find them on the platform. 

Perhaps the most popular choice for everyone is UFC which has an exclusive streaming partnership with ESPN Plus. It is the only possible way to watch official UFC pay-per-view events. 

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But ESPN Plus is a great choice for watching subscriptions like or as they directly tie into the service with out-of-market games and stats. You also get many popular documentaries and TV shows like the Prestigious 30-for-30 series. Even major tennis events such as the Grand Slam, US Open, and Australian Open are also available along with many college cricket and football events can be streamed directly on ESPN plus.

Final Point

Despite the lack of free trials sports fans may want to try ESPN Plus because of such affordable plans and an abundance of on-demand content. With the basic package of $6.99 per month, you get access to live sports events and you can watch ESPN Plus Originals, UFC fights, and PPV events that you won’t find anywhere else. Moreover, you also get to read bonus articles that are exclusive to the platform. The service is easily accessible via app or web browser through multiple devices such as TV, mobile, or laptop. 


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Highlights of the Story

  • As a standalone service, ESPN Plus provides live sporting events, on-demand games, studio shows, and premium articles.
  • Despite such a diverse and rich content library, the price is very affordable and every sports fan must try this service.
  • Here is some more information about the platform and how you can subscribe to enjoy your favourite sports content.