Download Instagram For PC In 2 Minutes: 5 Apps For It

- Updated: 2nd Feb 2023, 12:20 IST
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    Platforms on which you can use Instagram
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    Why download Instagram for PC?
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    Steps to download Instagram for PC
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Instagram has always been used as a mobile application while one could surf social media from the whims of their mobile phone. However, the desktop version is comfortable to use and in this article, we discuss on how to download Instagram for PC or personal computer.

The PC version is specially made for those who want to frequently use the application. It may be possible that you have already been using the mobile app for Instagram. However, you must also try using Instagram for PC too, so that you can understand the process and all the pros and cons of the platform in detail. Besides, understand different modes in which you can download and use Instagram for PC.

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Platforms on which you can use Instagram

Here are some of the platforms on which you can use Instagram.

1. PC

One of the modes of using Instagram is on your personal computer. Here, you can use the standalone apps that are available for most operating systems. Additionally, you can also choose to use the website version on the browser.

2. Tablet

You can even use the Instagram application on a tablet just like the way you use it on your mobile phone. Besides, there is a web browser that you can access to use Instagram.

3. Smartphone

The most popular form of using Instagram is a smartphone-based application. It is available for Android on Play Store as well as for App Store for iOS. Besides, it is one of the easiest ways of using the photo-sharing app as one can access it with a single tap on their phone.

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Modes of using Instagram for PC?

If you speak distinctively about how to use Instagram on PC, then you can read more about it here. On PC, you can use Instagram via desktop mode or web browser. In the former mode, all you have to do is to download a specialised Instagram application as you do on a smartphone.

Mostly, these applications work fine on Windows as well as Macbook. However, with the web version, you need to open Instagram on the web browser. We shall discuss both of them in the coming sections too.

Why download Instagram for PC?

Earlier, posting pictures, replying to messages, and sharing was only possible using the mobile application. However, with multiple updates and evolution, one can download Instagram for PC and avail all the features that were earlier used on mobile phones alone.

When you open the web browser on your PC, you see Create (+) on the left panel of the desktop. Simply add content like photos and videos by tapping on ‘Select from Computer’. Besides, you can also drag and drop the content directly on the browser.

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Another reason to download Instagram for PC is that is comparatively easier to use. You can work on one tab and then surf Instagram on the other. This is specifically useful for all those who are avid soca media users.

Besides, it is broken over the mobile app version where one continuously keeps scrolling for hours and hours seeing reels and other posts. The web version is not so addictive, and one can control the time one spends on social media.

Steps to download Instagram for PC

After understanding about whys of having Instagram on PC, it is time to understand some of the steps involved in the process to download Instagram for PC.

Using browser

By use of browsers like Chrome and Firefox, one can open the website. You can access this super quickly and browse Instagram as and when you want.

Additionally, use shortcuts for the website on the Chrome browser. Click the triple dot on the top right corner of the URL bar. Go to Tools > More Tools > Create Shortcut > Name shortcut to name the newly created Instagram website shortcut.

Using application

You can use applications on your desktop. Once you download them, they are good to go and you can access Instagram straight from your PC.

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These are some of the applications that you can use:

1. Instagram by Memu Play

Memu Play lets you use Instagram on your PC in a really quick and smooth user experience. The website offers an exclusive emulation engine that ensures the entire process is completed without hiccups. You can use almost all features of Instagram using Memu Play.


  1. Download Memu installer
  2. Finish setting up the Memu installer.
  3. Go to Google Play Store and search for Instagram to start downloading
  4. Start using the application right away.

Special feature:

  • Open two or more accounts at the same time
  • Smooth experience
  • Multi-instance manager

Click to access the website now!

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2. Instagram by Shift

Shift provides a desktop application for Instagram. The application provides a unified search across accounts and people can use it to access them all. Besides, it integrates with other applications too and you do not have to individually access them all separately.

Special feature:

  • All apps in one place
  • Manage multiple social media accounts
  • Can be used on Windows or Mac

Click to access the website now!

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3. Microsoft App store

Microsoft store is a one-stop shop for getting varied software. Here, understands the step by which you can use Instagram.

  1. Open the Microsoft app and search for Instagram. Click Download to initiate the process.
  2. Log in to the application with your credential to get started.

Click to access the website now!

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4. iMazing for Mac

There is no need to worry even if you own a Macbook. With iMazing, the process of installing the Instagram app becomes super easy. Elsewhere, you can also use the Safari browser to get started by using the web version of the application.

Steps to start using Instagram for PC:

  1. Download iMazing from the App Store or the link provided below.
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad using the same computer.
  3. Select Manage apps > tap Instagram > Download to the library. This download is to the iMazing app.
  4. Right-click the Instagram app and select Export .ipa
  5. Go to applications > Instagram 169.0.ipa > Instagram app
  6. Login using the credentials to start browsing the app on Macbook

Key Features:

  • Safe usage
  • Easy backup and sync across devices
  • Quick access to photos
  • Simple music transfer

Click to access the website now!

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After understanding the process to download Instagram for PC, it would be easier to kickstart the process of using the application from the desktop. The entire step is hassle-free and even though there may be inherent biases towards starting the process of using Instagram from PC, it is worth a try.

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