Don’t Throw Your Tiranga, Cashify Is Here With A Nation-wide Flag Collection Drive

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 13:56 IST

With August 15 being celebrated as India’s 75th Independence Day, the government of India introduced the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign. This campaign was held under the guidance of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav scheme. It encouraged patrons to hoist the Tiranga at their homes. The campaign was a huge success but brings the disposal of the used flags into question. This is why the Cashify Flag Collection Campaign, called “Mera Tiranga Meri Shaan”, is here to solve the issue. Let’s find out more about this campaign below!

What is Mera Tiranga Meri Shaan?

Cashify Tiranga Campaign
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This Cashify Tiranga campaign aims to reduce possible waste after the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign. As we all know, the flags were meant to be used on Independence Day and might not be used in the coming months. Instead of keeping them or disposing of them by yourselves, you can submit your flags to the nearest Cashify store. Cashify, under the Mera Tiranga Meri Shaan campaign, will dispose of the damaged flags respectfully, as is stated in the National Honour Act, 1971 and the Flag Code of India, 2002.

Here’s what our co-founder, and Cheif Marketing Officer Nakul Kumar, had to say about the drive. “We took this initiative with an aim to preserve our tricolour’s dignity. We wanted to provide our fellow citizens with a respectable way of disposing of the national flag after retreating it post Har Ghar Tiranga celebrations.”

Moreover, if the flags are in good condition, they will be deposited to the relevant bodies. Co-founder Kumar added that “After collecting the flags, we plan to donate the flags that are in good condition to police stations and NGOs. In case we receive some damaged flags, we’ll dispose them of respectfully as laid out in the Flag Code of India.”

This drive helps Indian citizens in two ways. Firstly, this spreads awareness about the utilisation of the Indian Tricolour, as many people might not be aware of the terms. Secondly, it helps the environment and makes our country cleaner in the long run. Furthermore, when you deposit your flag at Cashify stores, you’re doing your best to ensure that the national flag is respected and that our country is one step further from environmental pollution.

Where’s the nearest Cashify store?

Cashify offers its excellent services across 1500 cities all over the country. So, depositing the national flag at an offline store won’t be an issue. However, if you’re unsure which Cashify store is near you, you can check this link.

The link will redirect you to the Cashify website, from where you’ll be able to find stores all across the country. Once you’ve found a store near you, you can deposit the flag.

Final remarks

This Cashify Tiranga Campaign is a perfect opportunity to spread awareness about the Flag Code. It also shows how we can respectfully hoist or retreat our national flag. Moreover, it helps to know that your action of depositing the national flag at Cashify stores will go a long way in helping our country’s environment become safer and cleaner. Let us all act together and become responsible citizens, showing our country and its flag the respect it deserves!


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