Buy Refurbished Pixel Mobile Phone

In the almost two decades that Google entered the Indian market with Google Search, they have brought various product lines to consumers. Google has made itself unbeatable in its various product or service lines. Despite being a tech giant, Google's mobile phone market share still needs to grow. Starting as a software company, the brand’s hardware venture has not captured the market as its other lineups have.<br> <br>But Google fans have always wanted to have the phone in their hands for its camera and latest Android features. If you want an all-enticing, all-sparkly, top-model phone, then you're going to have to pay. That's why most of us don't buy handsets outright, we buy them via season sales in India. Especially the premium models. But what if I tell you that you can own one premium Google mobile phone for an even cheaper price?<br> <br>Yes, you read it right: you can choose to buy a refurbished Google mobile phone instead of buying a new one. Google mobile phone always has three to four variants for every new series it has launched, like Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4a, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3XL, Google Pixel 3A, and the new upcoming Google Pixel 5 & Google Pixel 5 Pro. All differ by size and specs a little here and there.<br> <br>A refurbished phone is different from a normal second-hand used phone. It could come back by a buyer due to an issue, which the manufacturer then repaired and resold as a refurbished. The chances are customers could have also returned it to the seller or company so that they could upgrade. There are a few times that a user simply returns the smartphone unused if they did not like it within days; in that case, you'll have a brand new mobile phone for considerably less. The same is true for a refurbished Google mobile phone.<br> <br>Refurbished mobile phones from Cashify come with the best quality and a six-month warranty period. Right now, the best online or offline market for refurbished mobile phones is CASHIFY. Here at Cashify, the smartphones end up getting evaluated for 32 different checkpoints. Only and only if they clear through these tests do they get a grade 1 to 3 quality rating! From here, customers can choose which one they want as all three will have three different prices. That is what will happen with a refurbished Google mobile phone.<br> <br>Here’s what we have to do to buy a refurbished Google mobile phone:<br> <br>You can either go to the Cashify website directly or choose to download the Cashify app on your phone via Play Store.<br> <br>After this, log in with your information and create an account.<br> <br>From here, you have to tap or search for the Cashify store page to buy a refurbished Google mobile phone.<br> <br>Once you come to the Cashify Store Page, you will have to ideally choose the brand you are interested in and the model you want to own.<br> <br>In this case, it is a Google refurbished mobile phone, so choose Google as the brand and choose a model of your liking.<br> <br>After going through the information, you can now buy the refurbished Google mobile phone of your choice. All you have to do is put in your information and make the payment.<br> <br>Furthermore, buyers receive a 6-month warranty on the refurbished Google mobile phone, which starts from the date of purchase.