Best Way To Get Your Apple iPhone XS Max Charging Jack Replaced

- Updated: 20th Feb 2023, 11:56 IST
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    First way: iPhone XS Max Charging Jack Repaired By Cashify
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    Second Way: Apple service centre

The Apple iPhone XS Max was launched in September 2018. As a result of its unique design when it first hit the market, the device is still functional and looks great, but hardware damage is unavoidable. One of the most frustrating issues that most iPhones eventually experience is the charging jack issue, so all iPhone users should give replacing its priority. You may replace the charging jack on your iPhone XS Max in two methods, as we’ll explain in this article.

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First way: iPhone XS Max Charging Jack Repaired By Cashify

The first way to easily replace the charging jack on your Apple iPhone XS Max is to use Cashify’s mobile repair service. It’s an affordable repair solution for any smartphone.

  1. Create an account on the Cashify app or website and fill in your iPhone details.
  2. Once you have filled it, go to the home screen and find the Mobile Charging Jack repair section. Here, select your brand and the Apple iPhone XS Max as the model.
  3. Now, you’ll be got to the Apple iPhone XS Max Charging Jack Repair page; here, select the device’s colour. Now, on the next page, all the repair service and their cost will be mentioned. Finally, click on the Charging Jack and book your appointment for the repair.
  4. At Cashify, a charging jack replacement for iPhone XS Max will cost you around Rs. 3,999, Which is very affordable for any user.
  5. Cashify also offers a doorstep repairing service; therefore, a professional service representative will reach out to your location and fix your smartphone at your home.
  6. Cashify always uses original smartphone parts for its repairing service and provides three months of warranty. So, if your device faces a similar issue again, you can claim the warranty and get it replaced free of cost.

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Second Way: Apple service centre

The second way is to reach out to your nearest Apple service centre and take service your device fixed.

  1. Apple uses original parts for their services, which means that repairing costs will be higher than expected.
  2. A Charging Jack replacement for the Apple iPhone XS Max may cost you around Rs. 5,300 to 6,000. This might be an expensive price for a simple charging jack repair.
  3. Apple also doesn’t provide any doorstep repairing service, which means you’ll have to visit the nearest service centre on your own.
  4. In addition, you’ll also have to hand over your smartphone for a few days for testing. This can be problematic for users who don’t have any backup mobile.

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The Apple iPhone XS Max is one of the best devices that works pretty well. However, a charging jack not working issue can be problematic. So, Cashify repair is the finest and most affordable place to get your smartphone charging jack replaced.

Cashify’s product page has reviews, specs, compare pages and related news about Apple iPhone XS Max. In addition, you can also find exclusive information about upcoming smartphones and many more.


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