Shark Tank India provides one of the most informative and entertaining platforms to know about budding startups and existing companies. The program gets aired on Sony Entertainment Television and is derived from the American original of the same name, Shark Tank. Here are some of the best pitches from Shark Tank India that have won the hearts of many people.

For those of you who are not aware of the show, the basic concept is about businesses making a pitch to the investors in the show. These investors, in turn, provide investment, loans, and valuable insights into these companies. Currently, Shark Tank India is hosting season 2, and four sharks or judges are on the show. Aman Gupta, Peyush Bandal, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh, and Amit Jain form the shark panel at the show in this new season.

The popularity of Shark Tank India is increasing greatly. Thanks to the whole new concept that it brought into the TV industry, people find this entire concept informative and enlightening. Undoubtedly, it is the source of inspiration to many young people who aspire to fly higher in the journey of entrepreneurship. Besides, it also exposes them to some of the great ideas and how they develop a plan to come up with the final ideation. This article is dedicated to knowing about some of the best pitches from Shark Tank India.

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Top 10 Best Pitches At Shark Tank India

Undoubtedly, Shark Tank India has brought many such startups and companies into foreplay that were never known before. Here are some of the unique, innovative, and best pitches at the Shark Tank India.

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1. Patil Kaki

patil kaki

“Ganpati ho ya diwali, khushiyan baantegi Patil Kaki”. With a motive like this, this one of the best pitches at Shark Tank India involving the homemade snack products by Patil Kaki was one of the most inspiring stories that drew the attention of all the sharks. The brand has already acquired 20000+ products since its inception in 2017. Products branded by the company are homemade, 100 per cent hygienic, and without additives that do not negatively impact your health.

OwnerGeeta Patil
Products OfferedHome-made snacks like Puranpoli, cheevda, poha, modak, etc.
Final Offer₹40 lakhs with 4 per cent equity
InvestorsPeyush Bansal and Anupam Mittal
About Patil Kaki

2. Sneakare

sneakare best pitches shark tank

Introduced solely by the 22-year-old founder of Sneakare, Krishnav Dhingra, the brand amazed sharks with the problem it catered to. Not only does the company provide shoe cleaning solutions, but it also looked into every customer pain point related to storage and care. Considered one of the best pitches of Shark Tank India S2, the company began in 2021 and currently sources some of its products from the markets in China. However, they are eyeing to establish a manufacturing base in India once their sale gets full-fledged.

OwnerKrishnav Dhingra
Products OfferedShoe-based products, shoe care, and storage
Final Offer₹21 lakhs for12 per cent equity
InvestorsAman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar
About Sneakare

3. Hoovu


Hoovu catches on to the traditional flower markets in India that look to meet the daily need of people for pooja as well as home decor. Usually, the flower market is grappling with storage care issues as the flowers rot after two to three days. However, with the use of great machinery and in-house techniques, the shelf days of the flowers increased from 2 days to 15 days. They are also listed on Big Basket, Milk Basket, Zepto, Amazon, and Flipkart.

OwnerYeshoda Karuturi and Rhea Karuturi
Products OfferedFlower handling, storage, and delivery
Final Offer₹1 crore rupees for 2 per cent equity
InvestorsAman Gupta and Peyush Bansal
About Hoovu

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4. Dhruv Vidyut

dhruv vidyut shark tank india

The unique and innovative solution by Gursaurabh Singh was enough to attain the attention of the majority of sharks, who ended up making a great offer. No doubt, it is one of the finest and best pitches of Shark Tank India. The Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit was invented to reduce the problem of the manual cycle that requires much effort in human pedalling. In fact, once you pedal the cycle, it charges the setup, too, The kit could change any regular cycle into an electric one. The product invented by Singh can fit like a bolt-on on any bicycle and does not require one to change the part of their existing cycle. Besides, it is fireproof, dustproof, and waterproof.

OwnerGursaurabh Singh
Products OfferedElectric Conversion Kit for Cycles
Final Offer100 hours in exchange for 0.5 per cent equity 
InvestorsAman Gupta, Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal
About Dhruv Vidyut

5. Very Much Indian

very much india

As the name suggests, Very Much Indian is more into bringing back the Indianness of the authentic weaves produced in the country. India, being home to more than 100 weaves, is seeing how these traditional handlooms are vanishing from the market at the cost of western products. To revive this and sell the story of Paithani and other weaves to consumers worldwide, Very Much Indian was brought into being. With more than 400 local artisans working towards every order, the brand is becoming more popular and trustworthy, which is in line with their ultimate goal.

OwnerSlony Gambhir
Products OfferedSupplies authentic Indian weaves
Final Offer₹50 lakhs 14 per cent equity
InvestorsNamita Thapan, Aman Gupta
About Very Much Indian

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6. Nuutjob

nuutjob shark tank india

You might have heard of multiple feminine hygiene products! But Nuutjob brings a new revolution in this regard. It removed the inherent shame in talking about hygiene products. Launching one of the kinds of male hygiene products, it can be counted among the best pitches on Shark Tank India.

Considering the problems men face during their ventures out of the home, the two sisters came up with a unique solution to provide hygiene on the man’s part. Apart from the manufacture and branding, they have undertaken the task of spreading awareness as well.

The products are devoid of any harmful ingredients or something that would harm the skin. The brand claims that all their product is engineered, tested, and re-engineered to bring the best quality to its consumers. The products are sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and paraben free.

OwnerAnanya Maloo and Anushree Maloo
Products OfferedMale hygiene product
Final Offer₹25 lakhs for 20 per cent equity
InvestorsPeyush Bansal, Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta
About Nuutjob

7. Kyari

kyari shark tank india

Kyari believes in developing resilient sticks for those who seek adventures. With the help of responsible, sustainable, and lean manufacturing, it is trying to keep up with the demands of nature enthusiasts who want to climb great heights with a sense of safety and productivity.

The ergonomic design lets you carry the stick in mountains, waterfalls, depths of water, and more. Reading, walking, and cooking food in the wild was never this easy as it has seven different light modes. It has launched its own Smart Stick Guardian that is rechargeable, electro probe and has a panic alarm. These sticks have been used by many forest guards and have saved lives of them in the wildernesses.

OwnerAbhay Sharma and Smartika Sharma
Products OfferedSmart stick solutions
Final Offer₹51 lakhs 6 per cent equity
InvestorsPeyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal
About Kyari

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8. Quirky Naari

quirky naari

If you have ever wondered where to get the latest shoe and footwear collections in line with the trend, Quirky Naari is the answer! However, this is created innovatively considering the products’ sustainability. More importantly, the products are top-notch and have amazing customer reviews as well. Each and every product is curated, keeping in mind the brand’s authenticity.

One of the most critical customer bases for their product is contemporary brides, who want comfort and style for their special day. The customer portfolio built on social media channels through their honest feedback about purchases makes it one of the wannabe brands for customised apparel and accessories, not just for women but also men and kids.

OwnerMalvica Saxena
Products OfferedQuirky apparel and accessories for men, women, and kids
Final Offer₹35 lakhs in exchange for 24 per cent equity
InvestorsVinita Singh and Anupam Mittal
About Quirky Naari

9. Mahantam

mahaantam best pitches shark tank india

Mahantam can be named as one of the best pitches on Shark Tank India, where it received an overwhelming response from all the Sharks on the show. Targeting the common problem small tea owners face, it has designed a unique product. The product we are talking about is a compact and easy-to-operate washing machine for washing 15-20 glasses in half a minute (30 seconds).

A typical machine costs ₹28000. This is especially useful for nukkad chai stalls and tapris that cater to a large population but often end by compromising on hygiene due to a lack of resources to wash the utensils. Thereby this product comes as an innovation for them.

OwnerDhaval Prakashbhai Bai and Jayesh Prakashbhai Nai
Products OfferedUtensil washing machines
Final Offer₹30 lacs at 20 per cent equity
InvestorsPeyush Bansal, Veenita Singh, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta
About Mahaantam

10. Menstrupedia


If you literally go by the name of Menstrupedia, it is composed of two words- menstruation and encyclopaedia. Sticking to its name, the company is all about spreading awareness of menstruation, and related concepts, and breaking myths. To date, Menstrupedia has educated 50k + girls and trained around 10000 educators. Apart from this, it has also impacted many other people’s lives.

The company undertakes the responsibility of spreading awareness by the means of comic books that can be well understood even by children. The whole concept is to make the talks around the period more casual and myth-free. Not only in India but the book has also been circulated in eight other countries internationally to educate the girl child and tackle issues surrounding menstruation. Definitely one of the best and most confident pitches at Shark Tank India.

OwnerAditi Gupta and Tuhin Gupta
Products OfferedSpreading awareness on female hygiene and menstruation
Final Offer₹50 lahks at 20 per cent equity
InvestorsNamita Thapar
About Menstrupedia

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Summing Up: Best Pitches Shark Tank India

The above-mentioned ones are some of the best pitches at Shark Tank India from multiple domains. Besides, if you want to get inspired by the entrepreneurship journey of people and their businesses, these best pitches at Shark Tank India will surely help you.

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