5 Best NeXTerra Landing Spots On Free Fire MAX

- Updated: 1st Sep 2022, 11:30 IST
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    Deca Square
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    Mud Site
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    Intellect Center
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    Grav Labs
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    Final remarks

Battle royale games pride themselves on their new content. Most importantly, they pride themselves on their new maps. When a new map is added to a game of this nature, it increases player engagement exponentially. This is for good reason too, with new loot, various tactics, and multiple drop locations to sieve through. The best battle royale gamers tend to memorise and understand each part of a new map like the back of their hand. With the release of the NeXTerra map on Free Fire MAX, players have been exploring each corner to find the best landing spots. However, if you’re unsure where to start, you’re in luck. This article will provide you with some of the best NeXTerra landing spots on Free Fire MAX, so that you don’t have to keep exploring each corner to find the best loot.

So, let’s check out the entries below!

Deca Square

Deca Square

Unlike other maps where plentiful loot is found at the centre of the map, Deca Square is tucked away at the southern edge of the NeXTerra map. Moreover, the buildings in this area house excellent loot even in the game’s latter stages. Since the area surrounding the buildings doesn’t provide much cover, you’d be better off camping in the building and eliminating the opposition. Additionally, it’s recommended you go to Deca Square immediately after landing, as visiting the site later could be a hassle, thanks to opponents waiting to pick you off. It’s also an excellent place to start as the area is connected well to other parts of the map, making reaching safe zones easier in the later stages of a match.

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Mud Site

Mud Site

Mud Site is one of the more underrated parts of the NeXTerra map. This smaller site is one of the best NeXTerra landing spots when it comes to the amount of loot you can find. While it only has a few small buildings, most of the haul is evenly scattered across the site’s entirety. Mud Site is located on the eastern side of the map and also provides a large amount of cover. So, you can take your time and head towards the Mud Site even five to ten minutes upon landing. Once again, this is another NeXTerra landing spot that is easily connected to a majority of the map. So, no matter how far away the endgame safe zone might be, you’ll have a good chance of reaching it from the Mud Site.

Intellect Center

Intellect Center best nexterra landing spots

The Intellect Center, undoubtedly, is one of the best NeXTerra landing spots on Free Fire MAX. However, it’s located in the middle of an isolated island. You can reach the island through vehicles on both land and water. Furthermore, since three bridges connect the site from different directions, it’s a hotspot for players. Thanks to the massive amount of quality loot you can find at this site, you’ll have to battle your way to the best gear. Nonetheless, if you’re a player who likes to work aggressively and doesn’t mind the heavy competition for loot at the beginning of a match, the Intellect Center is definitely a gold mine for you!

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Grav Labs

Grav Labs

Free Fire MAX prides itself on adding new and improved content with each update. With the Grav Labs site, players can deal with a new type of combat: anti-gravity combat. Since the players will be floating inside the lab, they can engage with their opponents in battle while floating. Of course, this adds quite a bit of novelty and engagement to the map. However, since Grav Labs has already become rather popular since the release of the NeXTerra map, you’ll have to fight through plenty of other players to get the best loot. Regardless, if you see that there are too many players and don’t want to engage in combat immediately, you can use the cover surrounding the area to slowly make your way toward the site.


Plazaria best nexterra landing spots

The Plazaria is one of the most prominent looting spots on the NeXTerra map. However, instead of the food here (as advertised), you’re going to find plenty of high-level gear and accessories. This loot is also evenly scattered throughout the site, which makes Plazaria a hotspot for players at the beginning of a match. It goes without saying that you’ll have to fight a substantial amount to get the desired loot. Nonetheless, you can take respite from the fact that this area houses many smaller buildings that also provide good haul. Another critical aspect of the site is that it doesn’t feature too much cover. So, you’ll have to be quick when looting and get out of the area as soon as possible. Flanking your enemies in the Plazaria isn’t a great option.

Final remarks

We hope with this list, you’ve gained a better understanding of the best NeXTerra landing spots on Free Fire MAX. This list has been curated based on the current loot trends which are dominating the game dynamics. However, future updates may change the trends to make gameplay more exciting and unpredictable for gamers. Keep an eye on this space as we’ll continue to update it with looting spots based on future trends. If you think we’ve missed out on your favourite NeXTerra drop location, let us know about them in the comments!

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