iBall is one of the most trusted electronics manufacturing companies in India. Since 2001, the company has produced multiple products in different segments, such as mice and keyboards. They’ve even expanded their domain into routers and headphones. However, the best iBall Bluetooth speakers are ideal for those who want the best bang for their buck.…2023-02-28 09:20:565 Best iBall Bluetooth Speakers In India March 2023

5 Best iBall Bluetooth Speakers In India March 2023

Updated: 28th Feb 2023, 09:20 IST
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    iBall Musi Cube X1
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    iBall Thunder 40W
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    iBall Thunder 60W
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    iBall Musi Duet W9
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    iBall Tarang Classic 40W
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    Summing up

iBall is one of the most trusted electronics manufacturing companies in India. Since 2001, the company has produced multiple products in different segments, such as mice and keyboards. They’ve even expanded their domain into routers and headphones. However, the best iBall Bluetooth speakers are ideal for those who want the best bang for their buck. These speakers are often quite affordable compared to the competition, and their sound quality is on par with some of the best Bluetooth speakers out in the market. So, if you’ve been searching for a bunch of new Bluetooth speakers or a home theatre system, iBall provides some excellent products in different price ranges. This is what we’ll be checking out today in this post.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started and check the best iBall speakers!

iBall Musi Cube X1

iBall Musi Cube X1

We start off our list of the best iBall Bluetooth speakers with this small and highly portable Bluetooth speaker. The iBall Musi Cube X1 is an adorable Bluetooth speaker that’s packed with features, despite its small size. The speaker provides an audio output of 3W and offers one of the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivities. You can charge the device using the built-in USB slot, and for an entire charge cycle of 1.5 hours, you can get up to 6 hours of playback time. Moreover, you can also conduct your important business calls with the speaker, thanks to the built-in microphone. It also has an FM radio feature, which is a rarity in today’s devices. So, you can check into any of your favourite radio shows if you ever get bored of your playlists. Additionally, a built-in MicroSD slot allows you to store all of your favourite songs and take them along with you wherever you go. Overall, this is an excellent Bluetooth speaker, considering its compact size, price, and the features it provides!

Highly compact and portableThe sound quality isn’t the best
3W of audio output is decent
Built-in MicroSD card slot

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iBall Thunder 40W

iBall Thunder 40W best iball bluetooth speakers

Making a massive jump with our second entry on the list of best iBall Bluetooth speakers is the iBall Thunder. The speaker provides a decent audio output of 40W and has support for 2.1 Channels. Moreover, the sound is primarily bass-driven, offering deep and thundering bass while also equalising with a high treble. It also has a host of connectivity options, with Bluetooth, USB, SD, MMC, AUX, and even FM radio. You can use the speakers through the provided remote, allowing you to skip, pause, play, and increase or decrease the volume. The speakers are also perfect if you’re into ambient lighting, thanks to the built-in RGB lights that change according to the beats, setting a proper party mood. So, if you’re looking for a computer multimedia speaker, this iBall Bluetooth speaker is a good option at this price!

Plenty of connectivity options2.1 Channel only
Decent sound output at 40W
RGB lights for ambient lighting

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iBall Thunder 60W

iBall Thunder 60W

If you’ve got a bit more money to spare, we’d recommend you go for the iBall Thunder 60W Bluetooth speaker. While it contains all the base functions found in its less powerful sibling, there are a few healthy additions as well. The speaker has an audio output of 60W, as compared to 40W, and even boasts 4.1 audio channel support. Additionally, multiple connectivity options such as USB, SD, and AUX ensure that your music and party never stop. The bundled remote control allows you to adjust volume levels quickly and efficiently. Moreover, you can easily wall-mount the satellite speakers all throughout the room to provide a surround sound experience. The woofer also has some excellent RGB lighting that you can use to change the room’s ambient lighting, based on the occasion. Overall, this iBall Bluetooth speaker provides you with the best bang for your buck!

60W audio outputBuild quality is slightly lacking
4.1 channel support
Multiple connectivity options

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iBall Musi Duet W9

iBall Musi Duet W9 best iball bluetooth speakers

The iBall Musi Duet W9 is one of the best iBall Bluetooth speakers for the simple fact that you receive two of them for the price of one. It’s also one of the best-looking Bluetooth speakers out there, thanks to the true wireless form factor and the fabric texturing on the speakers. This design and build quality make it perfect for all occasions, whether it’s a house party or a chic gathering. Moreover, the interconnection between the speakers is prompt and smooth, allowing you to cover an entire small to medium-sized room. The speaker’s silicone housing ensures that whether it’s a deep thundering bass or a high treble, all the sound details are captured regardless of the genre you’re listening to. Additionally, the CVC Noise Cancellation Technology ensures that all ambient noises are blocked so that you can enjoy your music without any hassle. Finally, the speakers have a capacity of 4000mAh, which is excellent for long hours of music sessions. This iBall Bluetooth speaker is loaded with features and is one of the most refined products from the company!

CVC Noise Cancellation TechnologyThe pairing system setup can be slightly challenging at first
Elegant design
Excellent battery capacity

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iBall Tarang Classic 40W

iBall Tarang Classic 40W

With our final entry on the list of the best iBall Bluetooth speakers, we have the iBall Tarang Classic. This speaker system has been around for quite some time now, and its features definitely justify the pricing. The speaker system has an audio output of 40W, which is paired with the Dynamic 2.1 subwoofer system. Its encased within wooden cabinets, enhancing the speaker’s elegance and resulting in a warmer tone as well. Moreover, it has a host of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, SD, USB, AUX, and FM for all your music needs. You can even change the speaker’s equalisation thanks to the bass and treble controls provided with the speaker system. The bundled remote control also has plenty of finer control buttons that you can use to fine-tune your favourite music. Basically, if the budget isn’t an issue for you, the iBall Tarang Classic is an excellent product, thanks to its durability and sound clarity!

Plenty of connectivity options2.1 Channel at this price segment is a disappointment
Wooden casing gives a premium look and results in a richer sound
Bass and Treble controls to fine-tune your music

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Summing up

So, we hope that you liked our five entries for the list of the best iBall Bluetooth speakers. These speakers and sound systems offer rich sound quality and durability, regardless of the price ranges that they’re in. If you think that we’ve missed out on any of your preferred iBall Bluetooth speakers, you can let us know about them in the comment section. You can also post all your experiences with iBall Bluetooth speakers in the comments. We’d be delighted to know more about them!

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Highlights of the Story

  • iBall is an electronics manufacturing company founded in 2001.
  • They’ve produced multiple products such as mouse, keyboard, pen drives etc.
  • We’ve selected five of the best iBall Bluetooth speakers that you can purchase today.

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