7 Best Games Similar To Among Us You Must Play Now!

- Updated: 19th Feb 2024, 19:13 IST
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    Quick View Of Games Similar To Among Us
    • 1. Deceit
    • 2. Betrayal.io
    • 3. Barotrauma
    • 4. Hidden In Plain Sight
    • 5. Werewolf Online
    • 6. Town Of Salem
    • 7. Enemy On Board
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    Final Verdict On Games Similar To Among Us!

Are you searching for games similar to Among Us? You’re in for a treat. In 2018, a small American game developer called Innersloth released it. It was a social deduction game where players had to figure out who among them was an imposter. Despite its unique concept, it didn’t gain much traction at first. However, everything changed in 2020 when the world went into lockdown. With people stuck at home and looking for ways to connect with friends and family online, Among Us saw a meteoric rise in popularity.

The game’s simple but addictive gameplay, combined with its ability to be played with friends online, made it a perfect fit for the times. Suddenly, everyone was playing this game, from streamers and YouTubers to celebrities and everyday people. Its popularity even spawned a wave of memes and merchandise. Nevertheless, we surely know how popular it has been. So, if you have been looking for a pinch of variation (but not too much), we’ve listed a few other games that will remind you of Among Us. 

Let’s check them out!

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Quick View Of Games Similar To Among Us

DeceitSimilar to Among Us with first-person shooting gameplay
Betrayal.ioSupports up to 12 players in a match
BarotraumaFeatures a submarine setting with horror elements
Hidden In Plain SightPlayers are given a gun and a single bullet to identify and eliminate other players
Werewolf OnlineRequires players to collect resources and defend a village from dark forces
Town of SalemBased on the Salem Witch Trials, players are assigned tasks and must identify and execute potential witches
Enemy on BoardSet in a spaceship, players must identify alien imposters among the crew

1. Deceit

Deceit game similar to among us

This game, similar to Among Us, requires players to build trust while dealing with a deadly virus. Two players are infected and aim to spread it without suspicion, while others must collaborate to identify and eliminate infected players before they can infect everyone. Of course, they will have to do this without raising any suspicion. With first-person shooting gameplay, it’s a thrilling challenge for enthusiast gamers.

It’s got an interesting premise and is quite fun to play. If you like multiplayer modes with shooting elements, this will be a unique challenge.

2. Betrayal.io


This game is so similar to Among Us that you might even consider it a direct copy. The idea of the game is the same – find the ‘betrayer’ before they kill your crewmates and sabotage your operations. However, this one is more complex than Among Us, offering a proper challenge with up to 12 players per match. Managing a larger group increases difficulty, requiring careful judgment and attention to players’ actions. It’s a refreshing alternative if you seek a new experience beyond Among Us‘ familiar aesthetics.

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3. Barotrauma

Barotrauma games similar to Among Us

Barotrauma sounds relatively simple to play. Spoiler alert – it’s not. If you take the concept of Among Us, drop it thousands of feet below sea level, and then add multiple horror elements, you get Barotrauma. This game puts you and your friends into a submarine, and it has a 2D art style. Apart from trying to find an imposter amongst your crewmates, you’ll also have to survive a monstrous sea creature. Due to this, you can work with a possible imposter in your midst and just tackle the sea creature instead. Whatever you end up doing, it will challenge you.

4. Hidden In Plain Sight

hidden in plain sight

Hidden In Plain Sight has the same basic idea behind it as Among Us. However, it changes the gameplay elements to a respectable extent. You won’t find much in this game in terms of graphics, though. The idea behind the game is that all of the players are given a gun and a single bullet. The first player to identify other players and kill them is the winner. You’ll have to be extra careful, as one wrong shot could kill an innocent civilian. If that happens, you’re out of the match. The game gives a vibe that’s perfect for party fun.

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5. Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online Games similar to Among Us

As another game similar to Among Us, Werewolf Online does just enough to set itself apart from the rest of the alternatives to Among Us. In this game, you will have to work with other players to collect resources and defend your village from dark forces that are coming to destroy you. However, not all of the villagers are on your side. These villagers/players want to destroy the village’s defence through their lies. So, you’ll have to defend your village from dangers both inside and outside. Moreover, with up to 16 players in the game, this can become a fun yet challenging task.

6. Town Of Salem

Town of Salem

If you’ve heard of the Salem Witch Trials and you think that this game might have something to do with the topic, you’d be on the right track. This game is based on the infamous Salem Witch Trials in the USA back in the 17th century. In this game, all the players are assigned specific tasks. As you complete the tasks, terrible things will start happening around you. Once that happens, all the townspeople/players will have to come together to execute whom they think to be the witches. The game does have some graphic scenes, which could easily rate the game as 13+. Give this a try if you want to be a part of American history.

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7. Enemy On Board

Enemy on Board games similar to Among Us

This is another game similar to Among Us. The game uses the same spaceship-based theme. However, instead of one imposter, this game offers two. Basically, out of eight crew members, two of them will be aliens who plan to kill the rest of the crew. They’ll be hidden in plain sight (see what we did there?) and can attack any crew member at any second. You’ll have to communicate with the rest of your crew members to find out who the imposter is. What makes this game more challenging is the fact that as the game progresses, communications get disrupted, and it becomes more difficult to communicate with your teammates. If you want a proper multiplayer challenge, this is where you should start.

Final Verdict On Games Similar To Among Us!

Multiplayer games have gotten more creative over the years. With the success of games like Among Us, more and more indie developers are coming to the fore as well. This makes it an excellent opportunity for any game to become a cult classic. Regardless, these are our top picks in case you’re looking for games similar to Among Us. Try these games if you want something different from the usual thoroughfare.

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