7 Best Apps on Chromebook That Will Get Your Life Back On Track

- Updated: 30th Aug 2023, 12:38 IST
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    What is Chromebook?
    • Apps on Chromebook:
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    How does Chromebook provide an edge?
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    7 Apps On Chromebook That You Cannot Miss:
    • 1. Google Drive:
    • 2. Microsoft Powerpoint:
    • 3. Google Keep:
    • 4. YouTube Music:
    • 5. Netflix:
    • 6. WhatsApp:
    • 7. Canva:
    • 8. PowerDirector:
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Chromebook is a one-of-a-kind web-centred device that is quite famous among its user for the speed, performance and comprehensive applications that can run on it. However, if you are new to it, here is some information about some apps on Chromebook that will make your transition to the device easier. 

What is Chromebook?

Chromebook is one of the lightest computer devices that rely on internet connectivity to do a user’s task. Designed by Google, the device runs the Chrome operating system built around the specificity of the much-famed Chrome browser.

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Apps on Chromebook:

It hosts apps like Gmail, Sheets, Calendar, YouTube, Hangouts, Jamboard, Classroom, and more. 

Even though the device depends on the internet connection, Chromebook can perform the task in an offline form too. The entire data gets synced into the user account with the device as soon as the internet is connected.

How does Chromebook provide an edge?

1. As it relies on the internet, the device is comparatively faster

2. Greater resistance to any malware attack

3. Simple operating system that does not requires many updates

4. Longer battery life

5. ‘Everything’ button helps you keep a collection of all the apps you need fast. 

For users’ convenience, Chromebook supports Google Play Store for Android users. This allows the Android apps to run in separate windows. However, one must make a note of the fact that the Chromebook does not support all the apps.

In this article, we navigate you through the 7 best apps on Chromebook that will keep your life sorted. 

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7 Apps On Chromebook That You Cannot Miss:

1. Google Drive:

google drive app on chromebook

Google Drive provides for cloud storage and synchronisation of your files. With Chromebook, you can also access Drive in offline mode by enabling the “offline” option present within the Setting. Alternatively, you can select the files you would like to access offline by turning on the “Available offline” option next to the file. 

2. Microsoft Powerpoint:

powerpoint app on chromebook

Powerpoints bring you the convenience of office straight to your laptop or mobile device. With a wide array of options like creating slides, adding charts, bar graphs, pictures, videos, and much more to make the representation of data more interactive and immersive. Most widely used in offices, Powerpoints helps in making presentations and information-rich slides.

3. Google Keep:

google keep app on chromebook

Worried about losing your stick notes? Download Google Keep, which would help you collect all your digital stick notes at one location. Google Keep allows you to change the colour of notes, edit them at a later stage, make a checklist, location-based reminders to complete a given task, and share them. It is one of the life-saving apps on Chromebook that helps people to sync their previous notes from other devices by simply logging into the account. 

4. YouTube Music:

youtube music

The music streaming service by YouTube keeps you on the run by saving and downloading all your favourite songs. However, YouTube Music are available in the free and paid format. The free version comes with ads during the music sessions, and the paid ones ensure that the experience with your loved song comes ad-free.

Be it from precincts of your home, office, gym, or playground; YouTube music keeps you covered. So, when the next time you are working on a specific project on your Chromebook and getting bored, you know which app to look forward to!

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5. Netflix:

netflix video streaming

With one of the most acceptable recommendations and navigation features, Netflix has emerged as one of the most loved video streaming services of recent times. It has a massive collection of many old and new classic movies, dramas, series, TV shows, documentaries, and much more, all from different regions of the globe at your fingertips.

It is one of the finest picks among millennials and older groups of people who could find the streaming service entertaining. As per the reports by Business Standards, the platform is estimated to host 5.5 million people in India alone. 

6. WhatsApp:

whatsapp messaging

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging and calling platforms nowadays that helps people from around the globe to connect hassle free over calls, video, or text messages. Owned by Meta, WhatsApp has revolutionised the way of communication.

Today messaging someone is synonymous with Whatsapp-ing, which tells a lot about its popularity. Using the app, one can update status, post pictures, make payments, broadcast messages, and much more. Known for its security, the platform provides end-to-end security that you can access easily using your Chromebook.

7. Canva:

canva graphic editor

The graphic designing platform Canva is helpful for all those who want to maintain a great aesthetic on their social media profile, With a plethora of templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more using various tools like posts, stories, cover images, Canva is one of the must-haves for all the photo lovers. The platform also allows one to edit pictures and videos, add texts, prepare professional graphics, etc. 

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8. PowerDirector:

PowerDirector - apps on chromebook

Chromebooks are not typically used for video editing, but the PowerDirector Android app makes it possible to edit videos on a Chromebook. PowerDirector is a full-featured video editing app that offers a wide range of features, including video trimming, cropping, rotating, and adding effects.

The PowerDirector app is designed to be used in full-screen mode. It has a timeline track at the bottom, controls on the left, and your video output in the center. PowerDirector is a powerful and easy-to-use video editing app that is a great choice for Chromebook users.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface: PowerDirector makes it easy to import, edit, and export your videos. You can simply drag and drop your clips into the timeline, and then use the various tools to trim, crop, split, and adjust them.
  • Extensive library of effects and transitions: PowerDirector comes with a vast library of effects and transitions that you can use to add polish to your videos. You can also create your own custom effects using the built-in Motion Graphics Designer.
  • Support for 4K and HDR: PowerDirector supports 4K and HDR video editing, so you can create stunning videos that will look great on any screen.
  • Collaboration tools: PowerDirector allows you to collaborate with others on your videos. You can share your projects with others, and they can make edits and comments right in the software.
  • Export options: PowerDirector offers a variety of export options, so you can share your videos in the format that you need. You can export to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other popular platforms.

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Life on a Chromebook has improved in the current computer world because to the combination of ChromeOS with the Google Play Store. Being able to access all of these wonderful features on a Chromebook is a blessing made possible by the Android app marketplace,  which acts as an essential source of convenience.

There’s no better approach to achieve your objectives than by checking out the best 8 ChromeOS applications for optimum productivity if you’ve been seeking to boost your productivity in terms of your job efficiency. Please let us know what tool in particular has become a part of your everyday life in the comments section below.

Alternatively, you can always check the list of apps on Chromebook that are available for download from the link mentioned here

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