6 Best Apps for Relationship Advice To Spice Your Relation Status!

- Updated: 31st May 2023, 15:32 IST
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    Best Apps For Relationship Advices
    • 1. Love Nudge
    • 2. Between
    • 3. Desire
    • 4. Kindu
    • 5. HoneyDue
    • 6. Spark Now
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    Final Words – Best Apps for Relationship Advice

Searching for a few ways to spice up your relationship? These best apps for relationship advice can provide you with some extra fire in your relationships. Certainly, relationships are great and priceless, but it requires dedication, effort, intent, time, and a lot of self-work from both partners.

So, if you are feeling you are missing a spark in your relationship, stuck somewhere, or need someone who can guide you to improve and maintain your relationships, look no further. Download one of these apps to have a therapist in your pocket.

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Best Apps For Relationship Advices

Here are the top and best apps that you can rely to get super amazing relationship advice. Each and every app is unique and comes with its own features to offer to the couple. While some have great activities to undertake, few send you questionnaire to make the understanding even better and initiate meaningful conversation. Try now and thank us later!

1. Love Nudge

Love Nudge - Best Apps For Relationship Advices

Searching for an app that is designed specifically by keeping in mind relationship fitness idea. If you want to bloom your relationship, you need to do some relationship exercises just like you do to keep your body fit and fine. By using this app, you can know your partner deeply. The whole app revolves around the five love languages – quality time, gift receiving, physical touch, words of affirmation, and acts of service.

You and your partner need to take a quick 30-question quiz. Through this quiz, you and your partner can determine the primary love language of your partner. Once you know the primary love language of your partner, it will provide you with suggestions based on that.

For example, your partner’s primary love language is quality time. In that case, the application provides you with some ideas through which you and your partner can spend quality time with each other.

To download this app click here – iOS, Android

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2. Between

Between - Best Apps For Relationship Advices

If you are looking for the best communication applications for couples, Between is the perfect pick. The app addresses various needs. The app offers special privileges to people to communicate secretly and more romantically with their partners. You can even save precious memories just between them.

The app offers various features like saving photos, videos, and notes hassle-freely. And do you know what is the impressive thing about this app? Even if you change the mobile phone later on, then also you will have access to everything as it is saved in your account.

Considered as one of the best apps for relationship advice, you can call with Wi-Fi calling for free. The app offers a calendar view so you can see your and your partner’s all upcoming appointments. You can even track anniversaries or how many days are still left in the anniversary.

Click on this link to download the app – iOS, Android

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3. Desire

Desire - Best Apps For Relationship Advices

Next on the list is Desire. It is a fun game that you and your partner can play rarely or daily. The application is the same as Truth and Dare game. However, here the main difference is that it only gives you a dare.

This mobile app comes with various categories such as outdoor, love sensations, and dress code. Each dare category has points and is based on the dare’s difficulty level.

Every week the app uploads new dares, and your earned points will add up. Therefore, if your nature is competitive and you enjoy fun challenges, you can compete with your partner and see who can finish the most dares. One of the best apps for relationship advice on Android as well as iOS.

To download this app, click here – iOS, Android.

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4. Kindu

Kindu - Best Apps For Relationship Advices

Searching for the best romantic app for couples? Kindu is the right choice. It is an application that main intention is to bring people closer with the help of technology. The app was discovered by doctors who were interested in determining human relationships and how vital role intimacy plays in any relationship. To use this app, you need to be 18 years or older than it.

This mobile app provides you with many romantic date ideas, various activities, and messaging features. You can even message your partner privately and securely. The best thing about this app is that using the app, you can increase intimacy with your partner in and out of the bedroom. You can even find out your partner’s expectations and desires in an optimistic way.

Click on this link to download the app –  iOS.

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5. HoneyDue


The next on the list is Honeydue. It is the best finance app for couples. The app does exactly what its name suggests. Using this app, you can keep track of your finances, and budget and even check for spending. You can even pay for your partner when needed. Through this app, you can see all your bank accounts balance of yours in one place.

In short, the app provides a real-time view of your joint finances. So you can keep your household budget on track. If you and your partner are not still married, you can even check how much money is remaining in your account so you can manage the expenses accordingly.

Click on this link to download the app – iOS, Android.

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6. Spark Now

Spark Now

Are you in search of the application to reignite sparks? If yes, download this app. Generally, married people go through rough patches often. If you feel you are facing trouble understanding each other or are not able to meet each other’s expectations, download this app.

This application will help you bring back the spark into the relationship. It will resolve struggles and communication issues. So, if you and your partner are facing trust issues, this app is a prudent choice to download.

You can set customised goals settings for various categories like cooking, intimacy, surprises, date night, and other household chores. Setting personalised rewards for each task will help you motivate your partner to complete the task with enthusiasm.

With each completed task, one partner gets a reward, and the other partner gets happy. In short, it will help you to bring the spark back into your relationship.

Click on this link to download the app – Android

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Final Words – Best Apps for Relationship Advice

Remember, relationships will not thrive if both partners are not interested and invested in keeping the relationship afloat. Of course, these best apps for relationship advice will not fix any major issues in a relationship, but they can help you keep the flame burning.

Downloading these apps will help you understand your relationships better by teaching you communication and learning about your partner. These apps will help you and your partner to be on the same page and connect more deeply. So, download it today.

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