Discover The 5 Key Benefits Of Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro!

- Updated: 4th Jan 2024, 18:22 IST
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    Five Benefits Of Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro!
    • Best Deals In The Market!
    • Top-Notch Quality Inspection!
    • Warranty And Replacement
    • Different Phone Conditions!
    • More Than 200 Repair Centres!
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Are you looking to buy a premium device like Apple without paying a premium price for it? Do you want to discover the benefits of Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro? If yes, then you might want to keep reading this article! This article will discuss what you can expect from your Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro.

benefits of Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

We will also tell you how you can get this device through the trusted platform of Cashify and get the best discounts available in the market! So let’s get started!

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Five Benefits Of Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro!


Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Hexa Core (3.1 GHz, Dual core, Firestorm + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Icestorm)Apple GPU (four-core graphics)
457 ppi, OLED1170 x 2532 pixels
3840x2160 @ 24 fps, 1920x1080 @ 30 fps, 1280x720 @ 30 fpsSingle, 12MP
Wireless ChargingFast, 20W

Here are the five benefits which you can expect when you buy the Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro through Cashify!

Best Deals In The Market!

With Cashify, you can get the Refurbished Apple iPhone 12 Pro at nearly half the price of its original tag. That’s like hitting the jackpot in the market. And guess what? Cashify makes this happen by offering some of the best deals. Check out here:

OfferPrice (INR)Description
UPI42,970Get three per cent Off Up to INR 3,000 Via UPI
Debit Card43,413Get two per cent Off Up to INR 2,000 on all Debit Cards
Credit Card43,413Get two per cent Off Up to INR 2,000 on all Credit Cards
Net Banking43,413Get two per cent Off Up to INR 2,000 Via Net Banking
No Cost EMI (Credit Card)44,299no additional discount
No Cost EMI (Cardless EMI)44,299no additional discount
Offers on the Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

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Top-Notch Quality Inspection!

When buying a refurbished mobile from Cashify, the device will go through 32-point quality checks. It means that Cashify puts the device through a super detailed inspection by trained experts. These experts check every nook of that device to make sure everything works just as it should. If they spot anything that’s not up to quality, like a part that’s not working as it should, they’ll swap it out with a top-notch replacement.

The whole idea is to ensure that when you buy a refurbished gadget from them, it’s as good as new. Cashify aims to give customers the best quality possible without breaking the bank. So, you can score a great device without worrying about anything.

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Warranty And Replacement

Cashify is offering a solid six-month warranty on this device. For half a year, if anything starts acting up or goes wrong with your iPhone, Cashify’s got your back. You won’t have to sweat it because Cashify will sort it out.

On top of that, you’ll get a 15-day replacement deal. So, if you get your hands on the iPhone 12 Pro and feel like it’s not suiting you for any reason, Cashify is there! You can swap it out hassle-free within those 15 days.

It’s all about that peace of mind—knowing that you’re covered in case something unexpected happens or if you change your mind about the device. That’s pretty reassuring, don’t you think?

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Different Phone Conditions!

Cashify offers three conditions to match your budget and preferences: Fair, Good, and Superb.

  • Superb: A Superb device is as good as new, with barely any scratches. It’s in tip-top shape, almost like it is brand new.
  • Good: Still in great shape; a Good device might have some light scratches here and there, but no cracks. 
  • Fair: A Fair device might be your pick if you’re okay with a few more scratches. It’ll have noticeable scratches, but again, no cracks. It’s not perfect, but it’s still in decent condition and fully functional.

Each condition comes at a different price point, so you’ve got options. If you’re all about that brand-new feel, go for Superb. But if you’re cool with a bit of wear and tear that doesn’t affect performance, Good or Fair might be the way to go. 

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More Than 200 Repair Centres!

With Cashify, you get more than just the refurbished iPhone 12 Pro. You don’t need to hunt for a service centre if something needs fixing because Cashify has over 200 mobile phone repair centres all over India.

So, if your iPhone 12 Pro needs some repairing, you don’t have to stress about taking it somewhere; you can schedule a repair right from home. You get a free doorstep pickup service. Cashify’s trained experts will pick up your phone for repair and return it as good as new. It’s like a VIP treatment for your iPhone along with your purchase.

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In the end, I would say that if you want to buy the Refubrished iPhone 12 Pro, go for Cashify! Along with the affordability, there are tons of buying benefits of Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro with Cashify! Their top-notch quality service is, without a doubt, the best in the market.

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You will get a premium refurbished iPhone device without compromising on the quality and the budget. Let me know what you think about this device in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

Top tech gadgets at an affordable price, buy refurbished mobile phones at your nearest cashify store and avail of exclusive offers.


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  • Cashify is the best platform in India for buying refurbished mobile phones.
  • Make a wise smartphone choice with Cashify today and buy the refurbished iPhone 12 Pro now!

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