5 Apple Watch Series 9 Features To Know About!

- Updated: 29th Sep 2023, 17:53 IST
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    Apple Watch Series 9 Features That Raised The Bar!
    • 1. The Powerful S9 SIP Chip Boosts Performance!
    • 2. Siri Requests On Device Is Precise!
    • 3. New Double Tap Gesture
    • 4. HomePod Integration
    • 5. Precision Phone Finding
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    Are The Apple Watch Series 9 Features Worth The Price?
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Apple Watch Series 9 Features were one of the top highlights of Apple’s annual “Wonderlust” this September. Launched alongside the Apple Watch Ultra 2, this smartwatch is more promising than it seemed at first glance.

If you’re eager to discover what makes the Apple Watch Series 9 truly stand out from its predecessors, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll talk all about it. You will decide if it was well worth the hype and if you should buy it.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is the latest addition in the evolution of a wearable device. It originally captured our attention in 2015, ushering in a new era of possibilities succeeding the Apple Watch Series 8. What’s so amazing about this particular smartwatch? Let’s find out!

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Apple Watch Series 9 Features That Raised The Bar!

Apple Watch Series 9 Features

The most interesting fact about Apple as a brand is that its upgrades are rarely extravagant. Their focus always remains on the minute details, which collectively enhance the user experience to many folds. The same holds for the Apple Watch Series 9 features. Let’s dive into them and know what we really mean.


Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9
Compatible OS
Compatible OS
484 x 396 pixels327 ppi, LTPO AMOLED
Rectangular, Flat, DigitalAluminium
Lithium IonUp to 18

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1. The Powerful S9 SIP Chip Boosts Performance!

Apple Watch s9 SIP Chip

The cutting-edge S9 SIP chip, inspired by the powerful A15, gives your watch a serious performance boost, improving features like tracking detailed workout stats, monitoring your sleep stages with precision, and even making car crash detection more accurate than ever before.

Now, here’s where it gets really impressive. The S9 CPU is packed with sixty per cent more transistors compared to the Series 8 version. Plus, the graphics part of the S9 (we call it the GPU) is thirty per cent faster, making everything on your smartwatch look and feel smoother.

So, thanks to the S9 SIP, your Apple Watch Series 9 isn’t just a smartwatch; it’s a powerhouse of performance, ready to make your everyday tasks and activities smarter, faster, and more accurate than ever before!

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2. Siri Requests On Device Is Precise!

Apple Watch Series 9 On device Siri

The “Siri on device prompts” is powered by its advanced 4-core neural engine in the S9 processor. What this means is that Siri, your trusty voice assistant, can understand your commands more accurately, making it much better at responding to common questions and requests right from your wrist!

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This brings us to the next feature, Siri + Health, which can now work closely with your health tracking system. So, you can ask Siri about your health data, like, “What was my blood pressure yesterday?” or even ask it to log your workouts. Currently, it supports only English and Mandarin, and it’ll expand to more languages soon.

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3. New Double Tap Gesture

double tap hand gesture

This was the most innovative one amongst Apple Watch Series 9 Features, which took away most of the limelight in its launch event. Here’s why! It lets you control a lot of things in your smartwatch effortlessly using just the quick tap of the index finger and the thumb twice. This simple double-tap hand gesture can do things like answering phone calls, controlling timers, pausing your alarm, and even snapping a picture!

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4. HomePod Integration

Apple Watch Series 9 HomePod integration

This is a new addition to the Apple Watch Series 9 Features. As you approach your HomePod, it’s like your watch knows what you want. Media suggestions pop up right at the top of your smart stack, making it super convenient to access your favourite music, podcasts, or whatever you’re into at that moment. This is only possible when your Apple Watch gets within four meters of your HomePod.

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5. Precision Phone Finding

With the power of the 2nd Gen Ultra Wide Band Chip, your Apple Watch now offers a remarkable phone-finding feature. This advanced technology not only helps you locate your iPhone but also provides you with detailed information about its precise distance and direction, making it easier than ever to track down your phone when it’s playing hide-and-seek.

Apple Watch Series 9 Features

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Are The Apple Watch Series 9 Features Worth The Price?

The Apple Watch Series 9 is amongst Apple’s premium smartwatches, boasting subtle yet impactful upgrades that make it a great addition to the tech landscape.

The enhanced performance of the S9 processor, faster on-device Siri, a brighter display, and the introduction of the intuitive ‘Double Tap’ gesture further give in to the user experience. Beyond these upgrades, the commitment to a carbon-neutral design aligns with Apple’s sustainability goals and its dedication to a greener future.

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It’s worth noting that we’ve quite waited for an upgrade since the Series 8 made its debut back in 2015. If you’ve been contemplating switching to a slightly enhanced version, now is the perfect opportunity. The Apple Watch Series 9 is finally here and ready for purchase. Don’t miss your chance to experience the latest in wearable technology. Get your hands on it today!

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Also, what aspect of the Apple Watch Series 9 Features gets you most excited to buy it? Let us know in the comments!

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