Apple Headquarters: All About Apple Park

- Updated: 31st Oct 2022, 11:51 IST
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    Apple Headquarters- Overview
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    The Story behind the development
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    Apple Park Design
    • The Ring
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    Various other structures at Apple Park
    • 1. Steve Jobs Theater
    • 2. Visitor’s centre
    • 3. Glendenning Barn

Apple Headquarters is one of the final products pitched by the late CEO Steve Jobs to the company. It is the second campus built by the tech giant in Cupertino, California. The building has a massive-ring shape that shows Apple’s dedication to its revolutionary design and future of technology.

There is a lot more to the Apple headquarters that we shall find in this article. So, stay with us till the end.

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Apple Headquarters- Overview

apple headquarters

In April 2017, Apple finally finished the construction of its much-awaited project- Apple headquarters. Soon after the construction, employees moved into the huge spaceship-like campus called the Apple ring. The building can house at max 12,0000 employees.

Apple Park is a beauty to behold. Surrounded by grass and trees, the new campus has an orchard at the centre of the Ring. And not just that, with its creativity and unity, Apple headquarters will be driving Apple into the future.

However, ever since the pandemic hit the world, only a small fraction of employees have been able to work from Apple Park. And now, the majority of people have started enjoying working from home. So, it remains a sight to witness how Apple would be pushing the use of Apple Park in the coming times.

The Story behind the development

The late CEO and Co-founder Steve Jobs found out that the rapid growth of the company won’t be able to accommodate all the employees, and that demanded the need for a new campus. For this, Apple purchased land that was owned by Hewlett-Packard, the company holds a special place in the late CEO’s history. One of the reasons was that he worked there as a summer intern.

Steve Jobs presented the idea to build the largest office building in the world to the Cupertino City Council. Many of the initial goals accomplished in the first presentation of the campus. However, it took two years longer and went over budget. But, only a few months after the meeting, Steve Jobs died. The campus theatre inside the Apple headquarters got its name after him.

The development of the project started in 2014, and after a wait of three long years, Apple park was ready for employees to move in 2017.

Apple Park Design

Apple Headquarter design

Apple Park has a futuristic design. The interiors can be changed with time. The building is very much configurable. There could be large open spaces inside the building, or one can even create smaller private offices.

It is the evolving nature of the building that holds the major attention. Each and every corner of the Apple headquarters has been designed with utmost perfection, including the staircase too. You can have visual connections to the floors and connections to the stairs. Lights are well-fitted in the entire building.

The Ring

The main campus building of the Apple headquarters is addressed as The Ring. The reason is its massive circular spaceship-like design. This massive building has approximately 800 45-foot tall rounded glass panels that connect the entire four-storey structure. These glass panels are said to be the largest in the entire world. Moreover, some of these panels even have large sliding doors that mean the employees can enjoy the outdoor view from indoors during nice weather.

Safety is the prime focus of The Ring’s design. It has base isolation that helps protect from earthquakes. The isolation system has 692 large steel saucers that are located underground. Talking about the interior of the Ring, eight identical segments are separated by a hallway, hardly three-quarters of a mile around.

What’s more- Apple is paying special heed to the environment with natural ventilation in the Ring, which makes it the greenest office building in the world.

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Various other structures at Apple Park

The Apple headquarters is surrounded by many other buildings and structures. Here, have a look at some of them:

1. Steve Jobs Theater

Apple theatre

Named after the late CEO, the Steve Jobs theatre is a 165-foot diameter circular glass building that appears without any visible support. Made up of carbon fibre, the roof is the largest in the world, and weighs 80-tons. This building in the Apple headquarters is an auditorium that could accommodate 1,000 people at one time. The theatre also won the “Structural Artistry” award in 2018.

2. Visitor’s centre

Apple Headquarter

There is also a visitor’s centre, divided into four sections-

  • 10,000 square-foot Apple store
  • 2,000 square-foot cafe
  • An observation deck
  • Area for AR experience

Through the AR area, you can view the entire Apple headquarter campus via iPad using AR software.

3. Glendenning Barn

Apple headquarter Glendenning barn

Restored by Apple during Apple Park’s construction, the Glendenning Barn is a historical landmark that holds special importance. Originally a part of the farmland, this barn was a house for Apricot, Cherry Orchards and Prune. However, now it stores groundskeeping tools. It is a symbol of community and innovation at Apple Park.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Apple headquarters, commonly known as Apple park, is the new headquarter made by the tech giant.
  • Spread in a land of 175 acres, Apple Park is the home of the Steve Jobs Theater.
  • Apple Park has the world’s largest panels of curved glass.

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