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All About iQOO Z3 FAQs – 25 Important Questions

By Yeti - 
25th Jun 2021

This article will let you know every little detail about iQOO Z3 which may not have been clear earlier. This article will clear all your doubts related to iQOO Z3 and in case you are planning to purchase the iQOO Z3, this article will answer all your questions.

Today, we will be answering 25 FAQ questions about the iQOO Z3 smartphone. Let us start with answering the first question : 

What is the body material of iQOO Z3? 

iQOO Z3 comes with a Polycarbonate body. If you look at the back panel of the Ace Black colour variant of the phone, it gives a shiny and glossy touch even though there is no glass panel present. If we look at the overall frame, it is a plastic frame. The form factor is so high in this device that you will not believe that it is a Polycarbonate plastic type body. One drawback of the extremely glossy finish is the fingerprint smudges that appear on the back panel. 

Can you uninstall or disable pre-installed apps on iQOO Z3?

iQOO Z3 allows you to uninstall the third party apps but the system apps cannot be uninstalled by any chance. 

Can I disable V-store ads in iQOO Z3?

iQOO Z3 has tried reducing the ad notifications to a specific level but the V-app store pops up a lot of notifications constantly which can be very irritating. These notifications can be disabled by turning off the V-store app notifications.

Is there any dedicated memory card slot for memory expansion? 

Yes, iQOO Z3 does have a memory card slot for expansion so that you can expand the memory. However, you do not get a triple SIM card slot instead you get a Hybrid SIM slot. This means you can use a second SIM card or a memory card but not both. 

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Does iQOO Z3 support split screen feature?

This feature is quite an interesting feature and it is available on the iQOO Z3 smartphone. If you swipe up the display of iQOO Z3 with three fingers, the split screen feature will be activated. This feature can let you use two apps side by side. 

Does iQOO Z3 support Wi-Fi Calling feature?

Yes, iQOO Z3 supports Wi-Fi Calling. All you have to do is activate the Wi-Fi Calling feature from Network Settings as soon as you install a SIM card in your iQOO Z3. 

Does iQOO Z3 come with Auto Call Recording feature?

Yes you get an option of call recording in iQOO Z3 but by default the manual call recorder is on. If you want to change this to automatic call recording, you can change it in the settings to Automatic Call Recording. An interesting thing here is the receiver’s end does not know you are recording the call which is impressive. 

What type of Video Stabilisation is there in iQOO Z3?

iQOO Z3 supports two Video stabilisation modes which are Standard Stabilisation Mode and Ultra Stabilisation Mode. When you use the Standard Video Stabilisation Mode, the video quality goes up to 4K/ 30fps. On the other hand, when you use the Ultra Stabilisation Mode, the video quality goes up to 1080p/ 60fps. iQOO Z3 does not come with OIS but it does support EIS on the rear camera. 

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Can iQOO Z3 shoot 4K at 60fps?

Yes you get 4K/60fps support in iQOO Z3 but the EIS gets disabled as soon as you switch to 4K/60fps settings. However, the 4K/30fps supports Standard Stabilisation. 

Can iQOO Z3 shoot slow-motion videos at 480fps ?

No, iQOO Z3 shoots great slow-motion videos but only at 240fps that too at 720p resolution. If you want to shoot a slow-motion video at 1080p resolution then will have to switch to 120fps. 

What is the zoom capability of the iQOO Z3 rear camera?

There is no optical zoom option in iQOO Z3 but still you can go up to 10X Zoom through the rear camera. However, after 2.5X zoom the image quality starts to deteriorate massively. This means you get a 10X zoom feature but it is of no practical use. 

Is there a dedicated Night Mode in iQOO Z3 camera?

Yes, definitely. iQOO Z3’s rear as well as front camera both come with a dedicated Night Mode. The Night Mode of iQOO Z3 works really great in low-light conditions. 

Can I use PRO Mode for Raw pictures in iQOO Z3 Camera?

Yes you can go to the Camera settings and choose PRO Mode for Raw Images and you can also tweak a lot of features like adjusting the shutter speed, ISO, etc. 

Does iQOO Z3 come with any IP rating?

iQOO has not mentioned anywhere on their website about the IP rating of iQOO Z3 but we got to know from the iQOO officials that iQOO Z3 comes with a IP52 rating. 

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How fast is the fingerprint sensor? Can I unlock with sweaty or wet fingers?

In most of the conditions, iQOO Z3’s fingerprint sensor is quite responsive. Even the positioning of the fingerprint sensor in iQOO Z3 is fantastic but with sweaty or wet fingers, the fingerprint sensor does not work at all. Even in the rarest cases the fingerprint sensor does not respond with sweaty or wet hands. 

What is the maximum setting in which I can play PUBG?

iQOO Z3 supports maximum HDR graphics in PUBG. UHD graphics aren’t supported in iQOO Z3 yet and you also get only Ultra frame rate support while playing PUBG on iQOO Z3. 

What is extended RAM on iQOO Z3?

If you purchase the iQOO Z3 8GB variant, you get a 3GB extended RAM option which means you get 11GB RAM in total. The 3G extra RAM is provided through 128GB internal storage. Whenever you are multitasking or doing heavy gaming, the extra RAM helps you  enjoy a lag-free experience. If you purchase the 6GB variant, you get 1GB extended RAM. 

Does iQOO Z3 come with a liquid cooling system like iQOO 7? 

Yes, iQOO Z3 comes with a 5 layer liquid cooling system at a mid-range price. The liquid cooling system works really well when you are multitasking or performing heavy gaming. The phone does not heat up much even while heavy gaming. 

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How fast does iQOO Z3 get charged?

iQOO Z3 comes with a 55W Flash charger in the box. The 4,400mAh battery of iQOO Z3 gets fully charged in about 55-58 minutes approximately. 

What is Eagle Eye Enhancement in iQOO Z3 display?

There are some games in which the graphics play a very important role. For enhanced visual experience, iQOO Z3 supports Eagle Eye Enhancement feature that can be enabled in the Gaming Assistant whenever you are playing graphic heavy games. This feature makes the colour enhancement better which makes images look sharper especially while playing games like COD Mobile and PUBG. 

Are you facing any display tint issue in iQOO Z3?

No, we haven’t come across any display issues in the iQOO Z3. However, many people complain about the green tint issue which is visible in AMOLED displays only. iQOO Z3 comes with an IPS LCD display which means there will be no green tint issues. 

Does iQOO Z3 come with dual stereo speakers?

Unfortunately, there is no dual stereo speakers setup in iQOO Z3. There is a single Bottom Firing speaker which is not very loud which means this might be a bit disappointing while playing games, watching movies or Netflix, etc. 

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Does iQOO Z3 come with an in-built photo and video editor?

iQOO Z3 is based on Funtouch OS 11 which is why you get an in-build photo and video editor in the Gallery app of the phone. 

Is 4G+ Carrier aggregation available on iQOO Z3 ?

4G+ is available on the iQOO Z3 through the Airtel SIM card. However, it is not very stable and it keeps fluctuating. Yes, you do get a 4G+ Carrier aggregation in iQOO Z3 through a single band only and the 4G+ even gets unstable at times. 

Does iQOO Z3 have NFC?

No, iQOO Z3 does not come with a NFC option. 

Final Verdict

If you think that iQOO Z3 is a worthy contender in the under 20K price segment then you can definitely purchase one. iQOO Z3 is a good option for someone who is looking forward to buying a smartphone in the 20,000 INR price segment. 

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