8 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Smartphones

- Updated: 28th Aug 2023, 00:17 IST
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    Best Battery Saver Apps For Android
    • 1. Greenify
    • 2. Battery Doctor
    • 3. Avast Battery Saver
    • 4. GSam Battery Monitor
    • 5. AccuBattery
    • 6. Battery HD
    • 7. Auto Battery Saver
    • 8. DU Battery Saver
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Smartphone batteries have endured a dramatic transformation over the past few years. This transformation has rendered obsolete the same old advice claiming to extend the battery life of Android smartphones. Below, we will discuss the best battery saver apps for your Android smartphones.

However, the majority of individuals are still oblivious to the systematic operation of batteries, dispensing recommendations, and techniques that would not work with modern batteries. Lithium-ion batteries currently power smartphones. These batteries, also known as lithium-ion batteries, are lightweight and provide various devices with a high energy density.

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

Here are a few of the best battery saver apps for Android:

1. Greenify

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The first app in our list, which is considered to be the best in terms of helping you save battery life, is named Greenify. What this app does is it lets you stop apps from opening in the background, which it identifies as opening too frequently. There are features inside the app, such as Aggressive Doze and Doze modes, which are known to completely stop apps from functioning unless and until they are opened. Now, this does help save battery, but it could also mean that you miss out on essential notifications since the apps need to run in the background to give you warnings.

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2. Battery Doctor

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The next best application available for Android, which does help you save battery life, is Battery Doctor. As far as Battery Doctor is concerned, it has an excellent user-friendly interface, and they also let you optimize based on app type so that you can tweak them individually. You also have multi-lingual support inside the app, and it currently supports 28 different languages. Battery Doctor also gives you features such as battery monitory, energy saver, and power-saving profiles that can be defined and scheduled automatically.

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3. Avast Battery Saver

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Avast Battery Saver is another application in our list of best battery-saving apps available on Android. Since the app is from a trusted developer such as Avast, known for security applications, it can also be believed. There are features in the Avast Battery Saver app that will let you save the battery on your device, such as a task killer, an advanced version of destroying already running apps. You also get a single master switch in the app, which will let you either turn on or off the battery saver when needed. This app also includes a smart technology calculator to allow you to know exactly how much your battery will run based on various factors.

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4. GSam Battery Monitor

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Next up in the list of best battery saving apps for Android is the GSam Battery Monitor, which does let you monitor your battery as well as identify the weak points and solve them. For this, you get a tool called App Sucker that shows your battery usage based on apps. You can also see CPU usage stats inside the app as well as CPU wake-locks, which shows you how many times your phone woke up by itself. The only problem with GSam Battery Monitor is that while you can see which apps are affecting your battery life, the app does not provide any way to kill it. Instead, you will have to identify and kill it. 

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5. AccuBattery

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Last but not least, we have AccuBattery, which is yet-another battery saving app available for Android users. As far as features inside AccuBattery are concerned, it has a comprehensive dashboard that tells you how our battery life is getting affected based on individual apps as well as battery health information is also provided. You can get on-screen time, CPU and battery life status inside the app so you are aware of the things that might have affected your battery life and exactly how much your battery will last. 

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6. Battery HD

Battery HD - best battery saver apps

Over 100 million people use one of the best battery saver app Battery HD, which is known as the professional power cleaner. The power clean application improves the device’s performance while also conserving battery life. With just one press, you can instantly deactivate any applications that are using too much battery life. The CPU cooler, which lowers processor temperature, the memory boost, which immediately releases RAM, the duplicate file remover, and the hardware health monitor are further features.

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7. Auto Battery Saver

auto battery saver - best battery saver apps

The Auto Battery Saver app offers a 24-hour energy use report and works around-the-clock to optimize the smartphone battery. The battery-draining applications are identified by the power-saving mode after it has analyzed the running and idle apps. The finest aspect of this energy saving application is how much faster the battery charges thanks to it. To save battery waste, it keeps track of the applications that launch automatically when the smartphone is turned on and removes them. This app promptly notifies you if the smartphone hits the threshold temperature or battery level.

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8. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery saver - best battery saver apps

DU battery saver is a free power-saving application created for both Android and iOS platforms that is trusted by over 5 million users. It automatically detects and patches battery-draining applications. Open the advanced option if you want to further adjust these troublesome programs. The phone cooling option in the DU battery saving app, which disables inactive CPU-intensive programs, is its distinctive feature. By controlling the Wi-Fi, brightness, music, and data with a single swipe, the on-screen “task killer” widget enables you to maximize battery life. Try this battery saving app if you are truly concerned about energy-sucking applications. It is one of the best battery saver apps in the market.

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These are the best battery saver apps for Android 2023 that are accessible through the Google Play Store. The Battery Saver app for Android improves the performance of Android smartphones by extending battery life and preventing unnecessary applications or functions from draining the battery. While we believe Smartphone cleaner and Kaspersky to be the finest, feel free to test out the others as well.

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Update :


PowerPro is a free, simple and easy to use battery booster with over 5 million downloads. Its quick optimizer prevents  fast drainage of power. This app helps you to manage power consumption and monitor the battery status. It helps conserve battery life in several ways by means of closing the inactive applications that are running in the background, controlling the brightness of your phone screen and keeping your phone cooler by slowing down the rate of power consumption. You can also customize and select the best battery saver according to each day’s need by choosing from one amongst the four personalized battery saver profiles.

2 Battery

By preventing excessive data usage and with the help of build-in screen filter to reduce brightness, this app adds extra hours to the battery life of your phone. It auto manages 3G/4G/WiFi connection in the background which means you do not have to manually switch off the internet connection from time to time. This app shows battery level and usage on the status bar and at the same time keeps all the significant background datas synchronized. So put a stop to your phone dying at a crucial time with the 2 Battery app.


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