Nothing OS Vs Oxygen OS: Which One Is A Better OS?

- Updated: 19th Aug 2022, 16:03 IST
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    Nothing OS Vs Oxygen OS: Key Features
    • 1. Automatic turn on
    • 2. Always-on display
    • 3. Fingerprint animation
    • 4. Lock screen button
    • 5. Home screen
    • 6. Control center
    • 7. App drawer
    • 8. Ads and Bloat
    • 9. HDR support
    • 10. Call recording
    • 11. Software
    • 12. Dual apps
    • 13. Optimised night charging
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    Exclusive features
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    Final Verdict: Which OS is better?

We’ll compare Nothing OS Vs Oxygen OS and will know how both software integrates with your daily life. In contrast to One UI, Oxygen OS provides the closest experience to stock Android. In addition to changing the order of several headers, the OnePlus 9RT makes a few minor adjustments. However, the Nothing Phone 1, which is based on Android 12, uses Nothing OS as its user interface. Let’s see the differences and the better OS between the two OS mentioned in the article.

Nothing OS Vs Oxygen OS: Key Features

1. Automatic turn on

OnePlus turns on automatically. On the other hand, the Nothing Phone 1 is unable to turn on automatically if turned off. And unfortunately, you’ll find no option to enable it right now.

2. Always-on display

OnePlus has AOD is pretty sorted, where you can customise clocks and choose between analogue, digital and text. On the other hand, Nothing doesn’t give you AOD. 

3. Fingerprint animation

Both the phones have an in-screen optical fingerprint sensor. However, only the OnePlus comes with more amazing animations; you can even change them whenever you want. On the other hand, the Nothing Phone 1 doesn’t have animations as such. 

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4. Lock screen button

When compared to Nothing Phone 1, the OnePlus 9RT has better and modified lock screen buttons. 

5. Home screen

Taking a note on the home screen of both the phones, the Nothing Phone 1 has a minimal, whereas the home screen of 9RT is more customisable as compared to the Nothing Phone 1. Oxygen OS is much richer than Nothing OS, where you can enable shelf, change the layout of apps, quick search gestures etc.

6. Control center

Nothing Phone 1 has an impressive Control centre with advanced features and is based on Android 12. On the other hand, the OnePlus 9RT is based on Android 11.

7. App drawer

The app drawer in Oxygen OS is much better than Nothing OS and provides you with better features that will be beneficial in reality too. Features like voice search and hidden space. On the other hand, Nothing Phone 1 lacks these features. 

8. Ads and Bloat

You’ll not have to worry about the ads and bloat on both phones. Furthermore, the users will get a bloat-free experience on both of the devices.

9. HDR support

Both the phones come with HDR support. However, Nothing phone 1 comes with HDR support. But, it still lacks HDR support while using Netflix. 

10. Call recording

One of the essential features of Android smartphones is the call recording feature. Moreover, you can use this feature on both of these phones effortlessly. 

11. Software

Nothing Phone 1, which is a recently launched phone, has promised the customers will get three years of software updates and four years of security patches. 

12. Dual apps

Like the call recording feature, dual apps are essential for Android users. You’ll definitely get this feature in Oxygen OS. On the other hand, on Nothing OS, it is unavailable. 

13. Optimised night charging

This feature in Oxygen OS is very beneficial for improving the battery life. However, this feature is unavailable in Nothing OS.

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Exclusive features

To be fair, the Nothing OS is pretty minimal and will not provide any kind of customisation in their devices except the glyph interface. However, in Oxygen OS, you’ll get many exclusive features like expandable RAM, screen-off gestures and screenshot gestures. 

Final Verdict: Which OS is better?

Overall, the features in Oxygen OS are better than the Nothing OS. In Oxygen OS, users will get more features and familiar UI. However, the Nothing OS has a clean & bold software experience. Now, if you’re looking for more features, Oxygen OS is a better option for you. But if you want a clean interface, then Nothing OS is the better choice for you. Furthermore, you can watch the YouTube video too.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Both the OnePlus 9RT 5G and Nothing Phone 1 has incredible features.
  • However, one of the two phones has a better operating system than the other.
  • Let’s read the article to learn the comparisons between Nothing OS Vs Oxygen OS.

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