How To Get Legendary Brawlers Free In Brawl Stars

- Updated: 12th Jul 2021, 06:43 IST
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    Ways to Get Legendary Brawlers Free In Brawl Stars

Do you want to learn more about Brawl Stars’ new Legendary Brawler and how to get one? You’ve arrived at the point where you’ll learn all you want to know. This article explains how to gain legendary brawlers for free in Brawl Stars. We all know how difficult it is to pull off a legendary brawler, and we’ve seen YouTubers open 100 mega boxes and still fail to pull one-off. We’ve also seen beginners getting legendary. So, obviously, it’s all down to luck.

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Ways to Get Legendary Brawlers Free In Brawl Stars


You might be able to open a mega box as well, but don’t buy one from the store. Try to get as many trophies as possible. Always use a variety of brawlers so that pushing isn’t too difficult. For every 1000 trophies earned from 8K, you will receive a mega box. It’s still difficult to pull off a legendary, but it’s never impossible.


It’s difficult to resist spending your gems on various stuff, particularly your favorite skins. But if you want to be a legend, you’ll have to give up something, in this case, your skin. Those gems are perhaps the most valuable currency, and they are essential for obtaining a legendary. All of the ways we’ll take will be dependent on your gems, so keep them safe!

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Brawl Stars


Tickets are normally available on weekends, and you can buy 60 for 80 gems. When paired with token doublers, they can provide crazy value. Collect or buy at least 100 tickets and try to hold on to them until Robo Rumble. And max bet 20 tickets in every game. Also, build up a decent squad for the event, with the strongest brawlers, to get at least 6 minutes and receive 500 tokens. Using the token doublers, you can receive 1000 tokens every game, resulting in 10 brawl boxes each time.

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Token doublers are the most cost-effective way to spend your gems. For 50 gems, you get 1000 doublers, which equals a mega box for just 50 gems, saving you 30 gems. One of the best offers in the game is the weekly token doubler offer, which gives you 1400 token doublers for only 39 gems. With this deal, you’ll get 1.4 Mega boxes for less than half the price.