Based on the company’s hardware portfolio, Google has long rumoured to be working on its own timepiece, dubbed the Google Pixel Watch. According to a recent report on the Dutch technology website Let’s Go Digital, the company is working on ‘sensor fusion,’ which is a combination of sensors that can recognise motions made outside the watch’s body. According to the most recent rumour, Google is working on something called sensor fusion.’

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Google Pixel Watch: What Could the Skin Interface Look Like?

According to the source, the Google Pixel Watch has been in development for quite some time. It also makes reference to a patent Google filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2020 titled “Skin interface for wearables: Sensor fusion to increase signal quality.” The latter showed how Google envisioned using patches of human skin to act as gesture recognition pads.

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According to the most recent rumour, Google is working on sensor fusion.’ The latter appears to employ an accelerometer in conjunction with a slew of other sensors to recognise a specific skin around the smartwatch. The Google Pixel Watch, for example, could recognise portions of the wrist both before and after the watch itself.

As a result, these patches could recognize a variety of movements, picked by the watch’s software, which would then reply to various commands accordingly. This capability might potentially eliminate the need for buttons on the Google Pixel Watch, with all functions handled by gestures.

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We haven’t seen many real renders or leaks of the watch thus yet. Given that Google has reportedly been working on a smartwatch for quite some time. It wouldn’t be shocking if the corporation came up with something truly unique and inventive with its smartwatch.

However, there would be concerns about such a method of operation. Gesture controls on consumer electronics have proven hit or miss, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Furthermore, according to the renders of a prospective Google Pixel Watch released by Jon Prosser. It will contain at least one button.

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The latter implies that the watch in question would still have a tangible mechanism for people to engage with it. Rather than relying solely on gestures. It will almost certainly stand out.