BGMI 2.9 Update Release: New Features In The Upcoming Update

- Updated: 25th Jan 2024, 16:50 IST
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    BGMI 2.9 Update Release Delayed, Will Arrive On This Date

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) will receive a new 2.9 update. The update for the popular battle royale title was originally to arrive by the end of November.

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However, a new report claims that Krafton is delaying the 2.9 update for BGMI. The new update will bring winter content with a Frozen Kingdom theme. Here are new features you can expect with the upcoming update.

BGMI 2.9 Update Release Delayed, Will Arrive On This Date

BGMI 2.9 Update New Features

BGMI is likely to release its new 2.9 update on December 1, according to a report by SportsKeeda.The latest update will have a winter theme and replace the Zombie mode in the current 2.8 update.

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However, Krafton seems to have postponed the update for a few days. The 2.9 update will debut on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Players can also download it from the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The new update will have a Snowy Village location featuring snowy buildings and unique landscapes. Moreover, it will also bring a new Snowblaster gun that can be used for offence as well as defence.

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This gun can shoot snowballs, which you can use to block doors and windows to prevent incoming enemy attacks. The red zone of the map will also have snow bombs that can turn players into snowmen.

The new BGMI update will add new ways to traverse around the map, including two vehicles: reindeer and snowboards. This new reindeer can achieve speeds of up to 90km/h and has better handling than other vehicles such as cars.

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The 2.9 update will also bring the Glacier skin for the UMP45 sub-machine gun and the M416 assault rifle into the game. Players can also claim a free airdrop supply by ringing the bell in the Frozen Castle.

This will summon Santa Claus to drop a free airdrop supply from his sleigh. In addition, it will have excellent gear and weapons.

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In addition, the new update will have ice boulders that randomly spawn around the map. Breaking these boulders will reward players with weapons, items and skins

Players can also deflect incoming enemy grenades using the Snow Blaster weapon. After throwing these grenades, players can use the gun to cover the grenades with snow.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The BGMI 2.9 update has been postponed and will likely arrive on December 1 instead of the end of this month.
  • The update will bring snow-themed content with a Frozen Kingdom theme.
  • It will have new modes of transportation with reindeer and snowboards.

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