Apple Watch New Inbuilt GPS Feature: Here’s What You Need To Know

- Updated: 22nd Dec 2022, 21:53 IST
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    More On Apple Watch In-Built GPS Feature

Apple Watch now uses its own GPS to enhance location tracking for workouts. This new feature can already be found in the company’s three latest watch models. The Apple Watch Ultra, Watch series 8 and Watch SE 2 will now be able to use the inbuilt GPS tracking even when the paired iPhone is nearby. This will improve the tracking accuracy as a wristwatch can probably get a better GPS signal than an iPhone in the pocket or on an armband.

The article published by Apple shows ways to calibrate the Apple watch for improved workout and activity accuracy. Moreover, this new feature might prove helpful to Outdoor Walk or Outdoor Run workouts which heavily rely on GPS for distance measurement and mapping. Let us discover more about this feature in the article below.

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More On Apple Watch In-Built GPS Feature

Until now, all the GPS-enabled Apple Watches would take GPS data from the iPhone when nearby. This was done to optimise and conserve battery. This process still proves true to the older models of Apple. The new feature applies only to the three latest models in Apple’s popular smartwatch lineup. However, all Apple Watches from Series 2 come with an inbuilt GPS feature. This enables the GPS if the Apple Watch and iPhone are separated during a workout and the location needs to be tracked.

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Moreover, the Apple Watch Ultra has a good battery life, allowing it to use its inbuilt features more liberally. In contrast, you must be careful while using the GPS during outdoor workouts in Apple watch series 8 and Watch SE 2. As the feature consumes more power and the battery might drain quickly.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The three newest models in the lineup will now be able to use their inbuilt GPS tracking, even if the paired iPhone is nearby.
  • Older Watch models still use GPS in the same way as before.
  • GPS tracking will help improve and maintain data on outdoor workouts.