Android 15 Beta 3 Now Available For Pixel Devices – What’s New?

- Updated: 20th Jun 2024, 17:06 IST
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    Android 15 Beta 3 Settings Renamed – Know More

Google has rolled out the Android 15 Beta 3 update. This update elevates Android 15 to platform stability. It shows that Google takes the feedback of its users very seriously, and here it is with a platform that will improve its productivity. This update will affect over 3 billion active devices. Developers can now integrate new features into their applications. The latest Android update will roll out for Google’s recent smartphone models – from Pixel 6 Series to Pixel 8 Series and for Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. Google could release one more Beta version next month before the final release this year. 

Latest Innovations In Android 15 Beta 3

Android 15 Beta 3 Released

Let’s dive into the new things brings in with this release:

  • Improved user experience: You can now sign in to the apps using passkeys, facial recognition, screen lock, or fingerprint in a single step. 
  • “Home Controls” screen saver: This Android 15 Beta 3 update introduces a new “Home Controls” screen saver. With this, you can control the Google Home devices when they are charging and idle.

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  • Screenshot Overlay UI: The screenshot preview now appears above the buttons instead of in line with them.
  • Colour Contrast Settings: With this Android 15 Beta 3 update, you can access these settings from Settings > Display, plus the previous entry point from Wallpaper & Style.  
  • Force-Close Changes: When you force-close an app, it will stop until you relaunch it. Moreover, in the new update, such widgets will be greyed out.

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  • Memory Page Size Support: The new update supports devices with memory page sizes up to 16KB, compiling with the phones with larger RAM capacities.
  • Features of Private Space: It provides a safe folder like Samsung’s, where you can lock certain apps with extra authentication. The developers must adjust the profile logic and update custom launchers to hide the private apps from the app drawer and home screen.

Android 15 Beta 3 Settings Renamed – Know More

The Android 15 Beta 3 also renames the following settings:

  • Device & App Notifications to Notification read, reply, & control
  • Turn Screen on to Screen turn-on control
  • The description of “allow camera software extensions” is also changed

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Highlights of the Story

  • Google has started rolling out the Android 15 Beta 3 update to Pixel devices.
  • It brings new private space, improved Passkey support, and improved smart controls.
  • The Beta 3 update is the second last Beta update before the stable version of Android 15 rolls out later this year.