Reliance’s JioMart is one of the largest online stores in India. Now that it has partnered with Meta for WhatsApp orders, it’s important to know how to use JioMart on WhatsApp. Reliance has also claimed that the social media integration with its online store is the first of its kind in the world. According to…2022-11-22 13:32:56How To Use JioMart On WhatsApp? Check Out These Easy Steps!

How To Use JioMart On WhatsApp? Check Out These Easy Steps!

By Anirban Dutta Choudhury - 
Updated: 22nd Nov 2022 13:32 IST
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    Order groceries from JioMart on WhatsApp
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Reliance’s JioMart is one of the largest online stores in India. Now that it has partnered with Meta for WhatsApp orders, it’s important to know how to use JioMart on WhatsApp. Reliance has also claimed that the social media integration with its online store is the first of its kind in the world. According to the company, you’ll be able to get groceries at your doorstep by texting a simple “Hi” from your WhatsApp number to the registered JioMart number. This integration of an online store with WhatsApp is undoubtedly unique and can be pretty helpful. Moreover, since India has over 450 million WhatsApp users, JioMart’s addition to the social platform is certainly beneficial to both parties.

Having said that, if you’re someone who orders groceries online, it would be a good idea for you to learn how to use JioMart on WhatsApp. Through this service, you won’t have to download an extra app for all your daily needs. Now, let’s take a look at how this service will work and the steps you need to complete to order your groceries through WhatsApp’s JioMart platform!

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Order groceries from JioMart on WhatsApp

Let’s check out the steps to order your daily requirements from WhatsApp’s new JioMart integration. However, before following the steps shown below, ensure that the WhatsApp app on your smartphone has been updated to the latest version.

  • Save the official number for JioMart’s WhatsApp onto your phone’s contact list. The number is +91 79770 79770.
  • Now, open WhatsApp on your smartphone and find the JioMart number in the contact list.
  • Start a chat window with the number and send “Hi”.
JioMart Chat Window
  • JioMart’s business WhatsApp will send you a couple of automated messages. Use the “Get Started” option once it’s available.
  • After this, you’ll also be given a “View Catalog” option. Tap on it, and you’ll be able to browse through the various grocery categories, such as Staples and Beverages.
Item Catalog
  • You’ll also be given the space to provide JioMart with the PIN code for your desired delivery location. Input the relevant PIN code and proceed.
  • There are two ways to add products to your cart. You can either tap the Plus (+) button next to an item or tap on the items and select the “Add to Cart” option. Select your required products and their quantity.
  • Next, find the “View Cart” option and review all your groceries. If you’re satisfied with the contents, you can select the “Send to Business” option.
  • At the “Provide Address” option, input all the relevant details of the delivery location.
Provide Address
  • Finally, it’s time to pay for the groceries. JioMart and WhatsApp have provided multiple payment methods. You can pay for the items by Cash on Delivery, Pay on WhatsApp, or Pay on JioMart. Choose whichever option suits you best.
Payment options how to use jiomart on whatsapp
  • Select the “Review and Pay” option to have a final check for your items and pay.
  • Next, you’ll find the “Send Payment” option. Select it and choose your UPI ID/account if you’ve linked multiple bank accounts.
  • Lastly, input your UPI PIN and complete the payment process. Once your payment has been completed, you’ll receive a message from JioMart stating, “Your order has been successfully placed”.

Note: You can skip the payment steps if you’ve selected the Cash on Delivery option. In this case, you’ll just have to provide the cash amount to the delivery person once they’re at your doorstep with the required items.

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JioMart on WhatsApp Offers

Since these are the early days of JioMart on WhatsApp, JioMart is offering a decent discount on its products. For a minimum order value of INR 250, customers are eligible for a flat 30 per cent off, with a discount of up to INR 120!

Moreover, there’s no minimum order limitation, and JioMart is also offering free home delivery. This is quite the initial offer from JioMart!

Meta’s take on the partnership

In a Facebook post, Meta’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg, had this to say:

“Excited to launch our partnership with JioMart in India. This is our first-ever end-to-end shopping experience on WhatsApp — people can now buy groceries from JioMart right in a chat. Business messaging is an area with real momentum and chat-based experiences like this will be the go-to way people and businesses communicate in the years to come.”

Additionally, with the integration of the WhatsApp Communities feature, the business end of WhatsApp will definitely see a rise in popularity. It’ll be interesting to see if and how Meta plans to integrate these features together.

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Final thoughts

The addition of JioMart to WhatsApp’s platform lends a significant amount of legitimacy to the social media platform. Furthermore, Meta recently added the WhatsApp Communities update as well. At this rate, Meta could be aiming towards making WhatsApp a complete personal and business social media platform. So, now that you know how to use JioMart on WhatsApp, will you be trying this feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear what you think of this new development on WhatsApp!

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Highlights of the Story
  • Reliance has partnered with Meta to bring JioMart’s online retail store to WhatsApp.
  • Customers will now be able to order their groceries by chatting with the WhatsApp JioMart automated bot.
  • Check out how to use JioMart on WhatsApp right here!

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