While scrolling through your old photos, ever wondered where a certain pic was taken? Every smartphone has some essential details about the photos taken such as its date, time, size, etc. It also stores the location the photo was taken at, provided your phone had GPS running at that point. In this comprehensive guide, we will help you to determine the location of the image taken using your smartphone.

First of all, your images need to be ‘geotagged’. A location tag must be enabled and the camera app should also have the necessary permissions required to use the GPS. Here’s how you can do that:

How to enable Geotagging on photos

For iPhone

– The first step is to open up your “Settings” icon on your iPhone.

– Next, go to your “Privacy” icon and click on it.

– This brings up “Location Services” which takes you to all your location information. Find your camera app and toggle the location tag either on or off.

For Android

– Open your ‘Camera’ app.

– Open ‘Settings menu’ of the camera app.

– Look for ‘Save location’ tag and enable it.

How to know the location of the image

On Android

– Open the gallery app on your device.

– Select the image of which you can the location to be known.

– After that, select either info or details option.

– That’s it; here you will find the location details for the image selected.

On iPhone

– Open the photos apps on your phone.

– Select the ‘places’ option to view the locations for every image on the map.

– Select the individual image to know the exact location.

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